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Thanks Terry, I attached a few pics for you...

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Posted by gofer on April 23, 2003 at 10:36:15:

In Reply to: I also saw on the rat snake forum that Hurley's . . .> posted by terryp on April 22, 2003 at 13:18:43:

I read that post too, and that is what got me so worried. But after reading your posts and article, i'm not too excited yet, LOL. My females are gettign very large, which is why i thought i had better introduce them soon, but i'll give them another few weeks and put them together again in early/mid May. I did hibernate mine somewhat early, and they have all shed once except my largest female. One female is actaully starting to get blue for her second shed. I might be waiting on one of my females, but the other is older and pretty large i think for a bairdi, so i want to breed her this year for sure. I bet it is killing you waiting another year. It was killing me waiting extra years for my black milks to breed. Thakns again for all your help, and if you happen to find the deppei article please send it my way. The hypoish looking pics are not mine, but were sent to me when i bought her. I will try to get some new pics with objects for size comparison. Here is the only one i have with a med. water bowl and hid box in the background.

have a good day,
Gregg F.

:female Baird's had dropped eggs. I asked him if he hibernated them. It seemed early for Baird's to be dropping eggs. Chris Harrison says his female Baird's just did her shed. Shannon Hiatt just put Adam Block's founders that he got from Adam last year together Sunday. He said no tail wagging yet. Be patient Gregg. They don't drop eggs in the wild until mid summer. They aren't usually the first species breeding. Some of the other breeders are just now seeing their Baird's shed. I'm not even trying to breed a pair this year and they are large enough. I'm waiting out the third year. I think I mentioned when responding to Hurley's post on the eggs that he was killing me because I was waiting one more year. I'll let you know if I get a copy of the Reptilian Issue or just the article on the deppei.
::Thanks for the notice Al, i will try to locate that particular magazine. If you happen to find a way to get it Terry, please let me know, i would like to read it also. And I have a quick question for you on bairdi Terry. I have some that have been out of hibernation for several weeks now, and are big enough to breed now. I have introduced them a few times, but they show no interest in each other. The breeder i bought them from told me that his don't breed until at least 8-10 weeks after hibernation. But i noticed a post on the rat forum where someone already has bairdi eggs. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on my bairdi not being interested in each other yet?
::Thanks again Al for the notice on the article, and thanks Terry for your help on the bairdi.
::Gregg F.

:::I'd love to read the article. Maybe a copy will cross my way. That's quite a list of acknowledgements that helped. Shannon Hiatt was one of several people who recently helped me on a Baird's rat snake spec sheet. He also kept giving me support and a push now and then in writing it.

::::hello every1 ,thought id let you all kno i have an article published in the latest "Reptilian" mag on Pituophis deppei deppei.This is a euro publication so many of you U.S. based chaps may not see it,but hopefully our european friends may see it.I wrote it in 99-00 but it took this long for them to get round to publishing!!. Therefore i must take this chance to thank
::::you guys that helped me out with this.. Alan Kardon,Shannon Hiatt,John Cherry,Tim Gebhard,Lloyd Lemke(r.i.p)All U.S.and Geoff Clarke,Paul Harris,Trevor Smith U.K......Once again cheers
:::: my my friends.


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