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ah, but one more night...

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Posted by nodaksnakelover on March 08, 2003 at 03:08:54:

In Reply to: Re: gosh..ya know.. posted by gofer on March 07, 2003 at 23:52:13:

Hey Gregg,
my weekend doesn't start till Sunday, as I'm one of those weird night shift people...he he he... But anyhow, not sure that a term should be applied to just the black on white, as that white varies, and it isn't totally black, there are some gray spots and such in the black blotches. Even my own snakes vary. But what I like is that they are locality for New Jersey Pine Barrens. And that's what I'll call them. Seems a guy has to say a lot to get across what they are, but call it a sales pitch! ;) Well, anyhow, I best go get some sleep. Number of things to do tommorow of which will be trying to get my webpage set up. Which means scanning in a ton of pictures on a computer that's cranky at times...grrr... And yep, I'll keep you posted on the Pine snake breeding progress. I have a feeling if they do pull it off that all the babies will be sold by the time they even hatch! I think John's had that happen with his now for the past three years running. But to add, the babies don't come out smokin black and white. Not usually. You don't realize how much they do change, though it's so subtle. I recall when I came to see the second pair John had held back, and I thought, whoa, these just don't look as nice. John knew what I was thinking and said it was unfair to judge hatchlings against the yearlings I had as the hatchlings have a grayish white background to them. Well, he managed to convince me to just take them home. Man what I would have missed! The younger female is really coming onto her own now, as is the male. They will be two this fall and are even now on small rats so they'll join the breeding ranks next spring. Truly wonderful snakes!
Russell Keys

:I can see where you don't like the term "newspaper." I actually have never heard that term before it was used a few weeks ago on the forum. Oh well, maybe someday one of us will come up with a great nick-name for the really black/white pines. Keep me updated on those guys, i'm looking forward to a pair or two this summer! HAve a good weekend Russell,

:Gregg F.

::the name newspaper pine just doesn't appeal to me somehow for such a wonderful strain of Pines! But really though, in my case, just the males are so nice black and white, though also the younger female is too. Where the older female, certainly still a black and white high contrast pine does have a bit of peach to red wash in the front part of her face, as well as some red brown spots in between some of the black blotches in the back third of her body. Which, to me just adds to the beauty of that snake, as she is out of the four my favorite. I know she isn't the most white, but...I guess I just love her personality. When I first got her all she wanted to do was hiss and strike. I of course loved it, and as time went on she of course grew out of it and is very laid back. If you surprise her she will give out a little hiss but nothing like when she was a baby. I'll never forget kneeling over two buckets, a clutch of pines in each from two diff sets of parents. One darker group, and one lighter group. I wish in the worst way now that I took a pair of each clutch rather than just one from each. Anyhow, imagine looking down on a mess of baby pines just days old and all are looking right back at you, mouths wide open and hissing away! Cute! And here's a pic of my big girl as a baby, doing what she did best back then.
::Russell Keys

:::"newspaper pines"? Keep me in mind for those babies!
:::HAve a good weekend Russell, and thanks again for the great pics.
:::Gregg F.

::::Hello gang!
::::Just thought I'd share a picture of one of John Meltzer's Northern Pine snakes. This picture was taken in the mid to late 90s so this animal I'm assuming isn't with us anymore, but a relative at least of my babies. I don't recognize this one as a parent of my older two but maybe John recognizes which one this is? Anyhow, enjoy the picture!
::::Russell Keys




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