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snake for a 10 gal. eats crickets

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Posted by -ryan- on May 11, 2003 at 18:42:03:

In Reply to: snake for a 10 gal. eats crickets posted by elcheal on May 11, 2003 at 14:15:10:

I would go with a baby cornsnake or kingsnake. I want one really badly, but my parents won't let me get one (I had a kingsnake once, but I was way too young. I have a post about it on the kingsnake forum). I am going to try to convince them, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet.

Anyways, a baby cornsnake or kingsnake can live in a 10 gallon tank until they are about 30" long, and if you get a young one, that can take about 2 years or so, I' can't really remember, but I know my kingsnake took about 3 years to even get anywhere near 36". After that you should get them at the very least a 20 gallon long aquarium (usually about $30, the size is 30" long, 12" wide, and 12" tall). A 30 gallon is better though. They are usually about $50, and they are 36" long, 12" wide, and 16" tall). They will start on pinkies, which are the little baby pink mice that look almost like fingers. These can be purchased frozen from most petshops for fairly cheap. You can also get them on the internet from, I think or or both, for only $40 for 50. That will last a while, maybe all the way up until the snake starts feeding on fuzzies. These are just a couple of cents more expensive for each. After that it's up to hoppers, and so on. Just do some good research.

I am itching to get a little guy to fill my extra ten gallon tank. I just need to try to convince my parents.


::Tough specifications...10 gallon tanks are rather small and can only hold a very limited number or snakes. The fact that you want it to eat insects limits that number further. Brown and earth snakes can make okay captives, although with my experience with them keeping them for pets and feeders, I can only say that most do not fair as well as hoped. Water snakes (Nerodia) and Garter and Ribbon snakes (Thamnophis), though requiring larger tanks, can be rewarding captives that live largely on fish with maybe the occasional FROZEN mouse, so you don't have to see anything get killed or eaten alive.

::If you can get a more arboreal cage, maybe a 20 high or so, then a rough green or smooth green that someone already has feeding and is well adjusted might make a good choice. I don't think they are the best beginner snakes though.

::Overall, the BEST snakes eat mice, such as corns, kings, and rosey boas. Are you against feeding prekilled mice? You can buy frozen mice in wholesale lots for good prices and it saves you the hassle of killing/incapacitating and/or watching the snake kill and eat a "baby mouse." Next to that though, I would say garter and ribbon snakes make rather rewarding captives. They may bite, but the bites are SERIOUSLY less painful than any shot you will EVER receive. I had blood work 2 weeks ago and all I could think about was how much more this hurt than getting bit by just about any snake I have come into contact with. Also you need to realize that ALL snakes can bite, although many are docile or become docile. Also remember that snakes are individuals, and if you want one that does not bite, make sure the person selling it has had a good experience tempermant-wise with it. Good luck. Andy

:O.K. I can deal with frozen ones. Are they expensive? You have to thaw them out right? What snakes can I get now that I have the option of feeding him/her mice.

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