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That depends on whether or not you like to get bit?

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Posted by John Q on May 04, 2003 at 09:35:03:

In Reply to: Should I feed my boa within his enclosure or out?? posted by highlander1 on May 04, 2003 at 08:31:24:

From my experience with colubrids, they do develop a feeding response to their box being opened and your hand reaching in.
Some more than others but even the more docile ones may respond in a bad way. However, I ignored this because my female salmon was so calm, never hissed, never struck, extremely docile. Well, I got tagged and it did not feel good. I open the box, put in the rat, closed the box and waited. She moved close but did not take the rat. I opened the box to move the rat with tweezers in my right hand. As I did this, I moved my left hand to steady the box on the rack. Whack!! She struck my left had that was 2 ft from her head. So fast it was all over before I knew it. MY FAULT!! Just a stupid feeding error. She hit my thumb and a vein. Lots of blood dripping down my hand and a small amount that bled into my thumb under the skin. Just like what happens sometimes at the doctors office when you have blood drawn. A black and blue lump under the skin. Hurt for two days. From now on she will be put in a feeding box and removed an hour after she has eaten.
Just my opinion. I'm sure others will agree and disagree.


::I've seen several post with people feeding their boas within a separate "feeding enclosure." I have a few questions, regarding this approach.
::1)What are the advantages of feeding my boas within a separate "feeding enslosure?"

: IMO there are no advantages to feeding outside the enclosure UNLESS you are housing 2 together.however there are a few disadvantages,Possible regurgitation,Getting bit,Stress on the animal,etc.

::2)Is ther any disadvantages of feeding my boas within the enclosure that I house them in?

: Only 1 that i can think of but have never had a problem with.People say that the animal associates your hands for feeding and strike at you or bite (feeding response) but again i've never had a problem with none of the ones that i have.I feed all of mine in the enclosures with the exception of my male b/p that is housed with my female.Alot less stress for the animal if it is fed in the enclosure.If you feel like its unsafe then buy a snake hook and that will take care of that.I dont use them myself,I trust my animals to an extent and know when to handle them and when not too so i dont use snake hooks.

::3)At what age should I feed my boas within a separate feeding enclosure?
: If you really want to go with the feeding outside of the cage i wouldnt do it with any boa below 8 or 9 mths.By then they will have good size on them but it is still stressful even on an animal full grown. Regards Bill McLeod

::Peter F.


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