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Blizzard Lizards?

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Posted by Stueyismyfriend on April 20, 2003 at 19:02:07:

I was referred here by a couple of users at chins-n-quills, that said this was a great place...

I am interested in blizzard lizards, and was wondering if anyone here could give me any information on them. I'll ask you the same things I asked the people at chins-n-quills...

For caging, I was thinking I could take PVC pipes, and make a frame, then staple mesh onto the frame so they'd have something to climb. I was wondering about the bedding, since I was thinking of using mesh, I was worried it would leak through onto the carpet, and the lizards would have to go live in the basement... LOL. The tile sounds like a REALLY good idea... Maybe I could make a shallow box from wood, and put the tile in the bottom of that. What do you guys think about cage size? I was thinking something along the lines of about five feet tall, but not sure about the rest of the lenght and width. I have a fair amount of space in my bedroom, which is where I planned on keeping them.

What about accessories in the cage? Do they need things to play with? If so, what sort of things do you reccomend? Would silk vine arrangements and stuff like that be hazardous to them?

Do they need social interaction with other geckos? If I keep one by itself, is it going to be all right, as long as I socialize with it regularly? I was considering at some point in time, breeding a couple of the different colour morphs(if I could find homes for all the babies first...)... If I did this, would the male and female get along all right? Would two females or two males get along okay, or would they fight?

Does their diet consist only of proteins(I'm assuming crickets, mealworms.. stuff like that), or do they eat vegetables and fruit as well? What vitamins will I need to give to them? Things like Repcal and Vionate?(I think that's the name of that stuff...) We give those vitamins to our sugar gliders, and we gutload their mealworms and crickets... Will the lizards' mealworms and crickets need to be gutloaded? How do they drink their water? I had an anole(only lived a few days... starved itself to death ), and I gave it its water in a shallow bowl, and put a sea sponge in it to drink out of... Not sure that worked too well. Are geckos likely to starve themselves if they're stressed? And do they stress easily?

Okay... That's all I can think of for right now... Any other information you guys have to offer would be muchly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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