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Two sides to every story!!

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Posted by John Q on May 12, 2003 at 19:48:58:

In Reply to: Every BP out there IS NOT A MORPH...Please read!!! posted by PythonMikey420 on May 12, 2003 at 00:21:04:

It is true that there are too many Fraudulent ads. Might be a new morph and a big price tag is misleading, fraudulent, and hurting this hobby. Unfortunately, KS does nothing to prevent these type of ads. The best thing to do is to expose those individuals. If they don't sell their product, they won't be around for long.
I disagree with genaroleon and think his statement "I can see the Albinos, Piebalds being top dollar, but everything else is a joke." is total BS. Just look in this forum, above and below this thread and there are pics of some real nice balls. True morphs, proven to be genetic. How can you say that a spider or caramel glow is a joke?
Some members of this forum have turned this into a witch hunt. Expose the frauds not the guys that are selling something a little nicer than average. Even if it's only cosmetics. Aren't you willing to pay a FEW extra $ for a ball that has a nicer pattern? Cherry picking balls is no different than picking out your hold back corns, kings, milks, etc. Any product is only worth what the consumer is willing to pay. I've had customers request pics and make their selections based on nothing but pattern. So if I have something with an extra nice pattern, I want to get a few extra $ for it. I post it for best offer and if I don't get a good enough offer, it stays in my collection. I thought it was nice enough to hold onto or I thought it was nice enough to pay extra, if you don't, then don't buy it. I recently posted an '03 female that has a nearly complete dorsal stripe. I made sure to not use any misleading terminology. I never said it was genetic. Never implied it was genetic. I didn't even set the price. Best offer means just that. What is it worth to you to add this to your collection. I cherry picked the animal from a group that had been picked out of a large lot. She stood out. On looks alone I paid more because she was worth it to me. I was willing to sell her for $20 more than I paid. Considering the time invested in selecting her, housing, and getting her feeding, quite reasonable. Instead I get attacked by one of the individuals in this thread. I couldn't believe that I received an email that was totally out of line. There was absolutely no misrepresentation.
Expose the frauds but not everybody selling cherry picked balls is a fraud.

:Im getting sick of seeing Dealers, breeders, or the common Joe saying that every BP that they have in hand is some "New Morph" just beacuse it has a little weird design or slight discolortion just to make extra money off the customer. I can see the Albinos, Piebalds being top dollar, but everything else is a joke. Especially when I see "Black back", "High Gold". "High Yellow"....Blow me...Am I the only one who feels this way?? I have 2 "Common" BP's...Dont see the need in paying an extra $150 just because its a little brighter in color...knowing as it gets older it will lose most of that brightness...I believe if a BP is to be called a "Morph" it just have cetain characteristics like Albino, Piebald, a solid color, or Stripped. Thank you for your time!

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