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Does anyone see a problem with this?

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Posted by Mike_S on May 12, 2003 at 15:39:33:

In Reply to: Does anyone see a problem with this? posted by Krystal19_85 on May 12, 2003 at 12:16:15:

I was just gonna leave this post but they do have a point. Once you get set-up and are breeding you'll see that taking care of multiple BPs can get expensive and if you want to sell animals for less that's your perogative, but personally I'd like to break even (at least) as far as money's concerned. I mean after all, my time is worth money. If you feel differently and would like to sell animals you bred cheaply and lose money every year on feeding etc of the parents, just so you can sell some CB normals cheaply, than that's your choice.

But who exactly are you talking about when you say "these people" just care about money and not the animals. If you'd like to stand on the mountain top and scream animal cruelty join PETA or something. Because broad statements like this post doesn't do any justice or accomplish anything.

Now think about this, if you or some newbie or anyone for that matter, bought a snake for $60 you'd take care of it right because it costed you $60. Now if you went and spent $20 on a snake you might think it's expendable. Hey it's only $20 right. But this is getting off track of my point.

Now lets talk about these people that sell CH babies for $60 that aren't anything great. What is probably going on is they buy a 10-20 lot of CH babies and turn around and try to sell em for a profit and keep the best ones. It happens every year and is no way illegal or wrong. America is a free market meaning you can sell anything (that's not illegal) even a service for whatever someone will pay for it (with some exceptions and rules etc). Just like you have the freedom of speach, us Americans also have the freedom to sell. If you don't like it, don't buy from em. I don't. And won't. Think about this, petco and petsmart do the same thing as those $60 ads, buy a bunch of CH babies and sell em for $79-100 a piece. And most of the time petco and petsmart don't take very good care of em. And we're talking at corporate level.

Just a few thoughts to chew on.

:I am going to start breeding next season. I plan on selling normals for less than the $50-$100 there going for now, unless I get some really spectacular normals, they might hit the lows of average normal prices. Also I see no reason to charge a different price because of the time of year (closer to breeding season). If there buying to breed there going to breed it weither it is that time of year or not, waiting is no big deal and I am more into careing for them that profit because there in demand at that time! I think I just needed to vent because I keep seeing WC baby balls for likr $60! I will be selling CB babies for alot less! Why do people care so much about money, they spend more time counting the money they got from overpriced animals than they do caring for their animals! This just aggrivates me! I woould never put money before the care of my animals! I think most of this will come back on some people as there animals suffer and they loose out because noone wants sick animals! Sorrry for the long post, I just had to get this out!

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