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More lighting questions

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Posted by archie on April 22, 2003 at 14:07:17:

In Reply to: More lighting questions posted by Homer1 on April 22, 2003 at 10:55:57:

I have to agree with you on the light... I have one of these also and they are very nice. Very bright, white light with a good kelvin rating, and you can't beat the price. I have heard that lights of america does not use the best ballasts, but so far, I have had my my light running about 12 hours a day for 4 to 5 months with no problem (not over a tank, but over some other plants).

Click on the link below to see what light we are talking about.

:A.J. Calisi gave me this tip about six months ago when I was in your situation:

:Lights Of America model 6065. Comes with a full spectrum 6500K
:fluorescent and cranks out 8255 lumens while consuming only 65 watts of power. At 13" x 8" it doesn't take up much space either. We paid about $25.00 at Wal-Mart. Check it out if you can. It was originally intended as a work light but is easily adapted to aquariums and vivariums. We had some mini orchids bloom for the first time in a vivarium under these lights.

:He runs T&C terrariums (, and sells a variety of plants, so I'd bet he knows his stuff. Check out his pics--they're some of the best on the 'net (in my opinion). That's one possibility.

::Thats a good point. I have not tried the ones from walmart I will have to look when I am there next time.


:::Yes, any flourescent fixture will work, although you might want to check with sales clerck to make sure that the fixture works with a timer (assuming you want to use a timer). Some fixtues need to be manually started and will not work with a timer.

:::A couple of other things for you to think about, though. What are you going to covering the tank with? Glass, plexi, screen? I ask because if you use glass or normal plexi, I would not spend the extra money to get a UVB producing bulb (such as the repti-glo) becuase most of it will be filtered out by the glass or Plexi. I would just use a bulb with a high Kelvin rating, such as the bulbs that come in the orange box at Walmart (sorry I can't remember the name at the moment.)

:::Also, you can find 36" fixture and bulbs, but they are kind of a less used length, so they are harder to find and usually a good deal more expensive. If I were you I would probably get 2 or 3 or 4 24" fixtures and bulbs and stagger them in the canpoy you build.


::::so i can just buy any find of normal flourecent light fixture and put in the correct Repti Glo bulb and its ready to be used?

::::i plan on making a canopy for my tank and mounting the light above it.

::::another question. i see the longest repti glo bulb is 24" in. my tank is going to be 36" in.
::::Should i just mount 1 24" inch light strip in the middle? or find 2 smaller light strips and mount them side by side? (which i cannot find on lowes' website the samllest is 24" in).




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