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Re: Cause of death?

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Posted by Yann Horstink on April 06, 2003 at 16:29:28:

In Reply to: Re: Cause of death? posted by ALanolis on April 04, 2003 at 11:56:55:

~~It would tend to depend on the size of the tank and the population density of animals/plants involved... It needs to have a small enough number of animals to prevent overloading the environment with fecal material,~~

I hope the biggest part here keeps their anole separated or in a couple. Indeed more animals gives a higher infectionpressure. Combined with stres, feaces wil form an problem (Protozoa, Nematoda)

~~enough plants to truly utilize that much "fertilizer"~~

Only one, say Spatyphyllum will utilize enough faeces from at least one couple of midsized Anolis. Indeed, I do prefer more.

~~It's all a matter of the nitrogen fixation process, which can be very tricky in captive volumes. It's a completion of the nitrogen cycle~~

I's hard to get an overload of NO2/NO3 in tanks with live plants. I'd never seen this problem here, only by tanks with a high density of animals, or to big ones. "First that you may notice is the Ammonia smell". Most problems are seen at reptileshops.

~~Naturalistic vivaria/terraria are great displays when properly set up, but you have to be inclined towards possibly going a day or two at a time without seeing the animals sometimes... And don't even try to get them out for anything without breaking down the entire system.~~

It depends on species and there 'mood' if you will see some Anolis rarely. I know it rom my Anolis allisoni, wich are verry shy as ule. Indeed the male, is, but the female can grab the food out of my hands. It's indeed also depens on the type how there are raised. "This female has been fed by hand".
I do prefer a more shy animal, but I like to see them daily to. Givving them plenty of room, a well with plants loaded tank, and good climate will help you seeing your anole. It may need some patients some times.
It's unique when I have to catch my anole(s). In most cases the get bigger tanks.

~~Ever. (what about vet visits, ya know) It's just not going to happen.~~

Thats an problem yes. You may know most vet's can make these little guys more ill then the had planned. It's hard for them to treat them, and most times not needed (even not WC).

~~In order for the pseudo-ecosystem to be safe enough for the Anole(s) to remain healthy, you would need to be very experienced first at doing naturalistic vivariums. You'd have to be able to create a near self sustaining environment before even introducing the Anole. It would have to be HUGE, and you would need a lot of fresh parasite free plants. This is possible, I won't refute that, it's just not realistic for the average joe.~~

Only a question about the parasite free plants. What kind of parasites do you mean? Pathogene for plants, or anoles?


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