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Posted by Bill Messer on July 11, 1997 at 19:36:37:

In Reply to: Re: Substrate for alternas posted by Al Terna on July 11, 1997 at 00:15:27:

: : A few years ago I was having trouble getting my alterna's to reproduce, a breeder recommended changing substrate from newspaper to aspen shavings. The logic being the shavings make the snake feel more secure. I changed all my snakes over and the reproduction improved. The bad news is that I have had a couple of problems with the shavings causing infections in the mouth or esophagus when swallowed.
: : For hide boxes I use upside down plastic "terra cotta" plant pot saucers with holes drilled into the side or top. I now turn the hide box over during feeding and put the thawed mice inside. The snakes usually cooperate and feed in or on the box, keeping the mouse free from shavings.
: : I've tried the Care Free animal bedding, but found it difficult to spot fresh stool because of the bedding's dark gray color.
: : Does anyone have any related information to share ?
: : Has anyone noticed an improved feeding response in hatchlings on certain substrates ?

: I use two plastic terra cotta dishes upside down. For instance a 10" over an 8". I offset the holes, meaning one has a top hole and the other has a side hole. This gives the snake more of a sense of security and allows you to put the mouse on the plastic surface of the smaller pot holder and keep it out of the shavings. the snake is not faced with having to eat exposed.

:I just started trying that method with this years hatchlings. I'm hoping it may stimulate a better feeding response. I'm also trying different substrates. The hatchlings are almost always between the the two dishes. Great minds Al.

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