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Posted by SALLIE_KEEPER on March 21, 2003 at 02:20:52:

Hello, I just adopted..few hours ago, some kind of small tortise.. A girl came to the herp club I belong to and just dropped it off.. There is no background on this guy..I do know tortise basics, but not species requirements..

I need: help IDing IT.. Temp guide, health guide, etc.

IT is a small tortise, with slight hinged back, very thick tail, no special colors, just olive green/brown. Blackish feet, very small claws.. Is Long rather than round. The girl that dumped it said it was her roommates and called it a "Mediterranean sand turtle"

This poor thing is in a 10 gal tank, been fed only romain lettuce, and no sunlight.. I have no idea how long it has been kept this way.. HE/SHE is very cold..I have 75 watt night light on it right now,

This little guy also has a whistle to it..Hoping it is JUST a cold. and with good care will clear up..

If ANYONE has information that may help, OR know of a good website that will help me ID this guy.. Please Help.. I will be posting this on as many forums and groups as I can find..

Thanks, Harpy

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