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A Call to Arms ---- Repost from the NRAAC Home Page

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Posted by Kevin Lorentz on July 28, 2001 at 14:42:18:

Some of you may be tired of this from me but it is my feeling that with the surge of new and unfair herp laws in the past couple years we need the NRAAC . If we do not act now many of you will not be able to keep the animals you have . Hot herps and large boids will be the first to go . If things keep going the way they are we will be lucky to be able to keep a house gecko . We must act!! We must revive the NRAAC !!!

Kevin Lorentz ---- NRAAC Ohio Chapter
P.S. Dont believe the need ? take a look at the Law Forum.

The rattlesnake was the favorite animal emblem of the Americans even before the Revolution. In 1754 Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette printed the picture of a snake as a commentary on the Albany Congress. To remind the delegates of the danger of disunity, the serpent was shown cut to pieces. Each segment is marked with the name of a colony, and the motto "Join or Die" .
By 1774 the segments of the snake had grown together, and the motto had been changed to read: "United Now Alive and Free Firm on this Basis Liberty Shall Stand and Thus Supported Ever Bless Our Land Till Time Becomes Eternity"
Many authors felt the rattlesnake was a good example of America's virtues. They argued that it is unique to America; individually its rattles produce no sound, but united they can be heard by all; and while it does not attack unless provoked, it is deadly to step upon one.

Its time for that rattle to be heard again.
Herpetoculture and Herpetology are under attack in the United States. hobbyists are going to prison, and spending massive amounts of time and money in court battles while super-collectors suck our ponds and lakes dry of turtles for the asian food market. Raids on hobbyists look like assualts on crack houses. Inane state laws are being utilized to entrap hobbyists into commiting federal offenses. The battles are being fought in the press with little regard to the actual outcome of the trials. Shipping regulations are being proposed that will literally shut this hobby down.

Its got to stop.

We've got to rattle.

Its time to stand up and do something.

Today I am proposing a new organization, The National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council. When the NHA went defunct we lost our voice. We can't wait around for PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council)to do something.

NRAAC's charter will be to be a watchdog over federal and state agencies involved in the Reptile and Amphibian hobby/industry. In this role it will act as an advisory group to individual state member groups to provide them legal, financial, and media support. This organization is brand new and we will be looking for people interested in starting state chapters, and working at a statewide level.

Please stop by this site (NRAAC site ) often and for the hobbys sake pass on this sites URL. Whether you are a hobbyist, academic, breeder, or 12 year old kid we need your support, financially and spiritually.

Jeff Barringer
Acting President
National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council ( 1998 )

Listen to him we need not roll over and die or crawl under a rock .

"Those who appease the tiger do so in the hope the tiger will eat them last." -- W. Churchill

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