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Posted by NOLA on May 08, 2003 at 15:09:58:

In Reply to: ponds posted by bloomindaedalus on May 07, 2003 at 18:34:11:

:well ther eis a lot to consider with your plan. I really think you should fins out more about possible local predators: dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, badgers etc...

I dont think there are any of these things around my house...I live in a busy area so I know non of the wild things are around and I have never seen a cat stroll through my yard yet and I dont even have a fence to keep them out yet. So I think I am safe there but I will still keep an eye out for problems because I am not going to be starting this for a while.

:also a 5 galon buckey will be way too small for six turtles in a large pond
:maybe a 40 -50 galon rubbermaid storgae box inmore in order.

Yeah this was the part I was not to sure about just yet...I have used the 5 gal bucket for fish ponds but a lot of filtering was also done with live plants as well. I know the turts will mess with a lot of the plants so I might have to upsize my filtering you said a big rubbermaid thing might be what I use.

:also i am confused about how you will use the liner at eye level. you do intend to dig a hole, right?

Yep thats what I meant. Before i was thinking of just stacking the landscaping timbers up about 2' high and putting the liner in that so it would be like an above ground pool. But then I was thinking that wouldn't give them land to wander around on except whatever I would have for them to climb out on and sun them selves. So I am going to dig a hole and put the liner in that.

:you should plan on digging a lower area (outside where the liner will be) for spill over when it rains and when you flood the pond purposefully with the hose to clean some of the water out.

Yep already thought of that =)

:the fencing around is a good idea but electrifying it might be good also

Are you talking about the fence around the yard or the pond. See right now I dont have a fence around the yard...that is in the works. It will be a good sturdy one with a 2x12 mud board around the bottom so nothing will get in or out unless it climbs the fence. The fence around the pond I was going to use some of those landscaping timbers stack about 1' high so the turts can climb out the water but not get away from the pond. So you saying the pond "fence" should have some current running through it??

:and do you live in the u.s.?
:because if you do there is no way youare safe from winter
:i live in phoenix now and even here it gets too cold for turtles sometimes, so does south florida and southern california and west texas, so you will need to plan for at least a few cold days
Yep I live in new Orleans Louisiana and I know we get a few cold days but to many...and I will try to use a heater and cover the pond at night. On the really cold cold nights I will get a kid pool for the garage. So what do you think is to cold for the type of turts I have...water temp and air temp?? Like when do you think you would pull them in??

Thanks for all the help!!

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