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best way to keep whites tree frogs.

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Posted by fenris on April 21, 2003 at 21:40:44:

hi i've had a pair of whites tree frogs since i was like 12 now i'm 18 and they are fatter than ever. i'm keeping them in one of those wooden snake cages with the coconut husk bedding one of those snake houses made of plastic a long red light that keeps it around roughly 80 degrees and two water bowls that i change every couple of days when they get all crappy. my thing is that these frogs have gotten so into there schedual that they seem really bored and i allways know exactly where they are at certain times of the day i could reach into the cage with my eyes closed and find both of them 1st try no prob. what can i do to make life more interesting for them?? what about one of those half land half water viquariums? are they too deep? cause if theres one thing they love it's water they sit and crap in there bowls all night long so it seems like they need more waterworks to play in. any suggestions?

also the fact that one croaks and the other don't has me assuming they are a male and a female are they easy to breed? what should i do to incourage a healthy breeding relationship between them? cause right now they are just content to sit and stare at each other.

thanks, fenris

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