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Re: baby atb will not eat..

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Posted by logan on March 15, 2003 at 17:17:58:

In Reply to: Re: baby atb will not eat.. posted by donk142 on March 15, 2003 at 13:38:57:

:::ok I will put him in a smaller tank (5 gal) and leave him alone.. I always try to feed him out of a small tupperware that I leave in his tank under his branch, but he dosen't seem too interested. I haven't handled him for abou 3 weeks now and huis tank is in a dark secluded area of my house. He is very mellow and has never struck. Should I be worried about his temperment? I haven't heard of any atb's that don't strike once in a while... He seems to be very healthy, he only comes out after I turn off his day light.. And when I do handle him he is very calm and dosen't show any signs of being stressed or scared.. The reason that I didn't try to feed him the day I bought him was because they sent him the day after they fed him!! I didn't think that was a very good idea..Thanks for all your suggestions, and if you guys have any other suggestions for me that would really help...
::I wouldn't use a day lamp on him. If you've got some sort of nocturnal lamp, just leave that on, but make sure it's not too hot. Again, if you've got some sort of rubbermaid thing to put him in, I would opt for that over any glass container (even a 5 gal.) They can get a very stable air temp/humidity with a simple undertank heater, without fussing with a lamp (obviusly, the room he's in shouldn't be too cold to begin with). Don't worry about the temperment. I have a few that have been dog tame their whole lives, not because I was able to tame them down or anything, they were born that way. The female that produced them was tame that way too. Anyways, are you feeding live or frozen? Does he show absolutely no interest, or does he check it out for a bit, and then go away? Wait a few days and slip a live pinkie onto the bottom of the cage in a small open box overnight. That should work.

:Sorry I misread your posts...I now have him in a 2 1/2 gal tupperware, uth w/ thermostat, newspaper, water dish, and hide box, I haven't tried to feed him yet, but the last times I did try, he did pay attention to it for the first minute, but then he just ignored it, he even crawled right over it.
: I have tried the warmed up, pre killed mice and he wasn't interested in that either.. I will try to feed him again in a few days. I don't wan't to stress him out anymore.... Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks a lot for all your help.. You all have been very helpful..

Sounds like you got it right. It's a good sign that he's paying attention to the pinkie at first. Obviously, he probably wants something other than a pinkie, but he'll break down eventually. I would make sure to try a live pinkie left in the cage overnight first, just since there is going to be some movement when in it when he gets interested. I'm telling you, I have one that acts exactly like, you can stick a pinkie in front of him and he'll act interested for a minute or two and then leave. If you leave it in the cage overnight (in something where the pinkie can't get away), he still won't eat it for about four hours even though he's staring right at it, and eventually he does eat it. I've timed him a couple times, and even though he's eaten like this many times, he still needs like four hours of absolute darkness and silence before he'll eventually eat it. It's crazy, but that's how it is. It seems like its been a while, I'm not sure when you eventually put him in the rubbermade, but about four or five days since that time should be long enough. Again, try live first. It's gonna work.

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