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Still some russian tortoise questioned unanwsered.

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Posted by dormus on May 14, 2003 at 04:36:46:

In Reply to: Still some russian tortoise questioned unanwsered. posted by cagrlalwys on May 13, 2003 at 19:53:22:

I have to disagree with cagrlalwys. I think it would be a very bad idea to turn the heat off and on like that since the tortoises are used to the day beeing about 12 hours long or more. The tortoises should always have the possibility of basking in the 'sun' (heat lamp)whenever they'd like in order to digest their food. Many, especially younger tortoises don't get up until 10am and go to bed already again at 3pm. If you turn off the lights between 8am and 2pm, I can only imagine how stressful (and eventually deadly)it must be for the tortoises to live without heat, UV light and 'sun'.
It is also a very bad idea to place the pen near a window since it makes it almost impossible to control the heat. As mentioned it is very important that there is a varm and a cooler end in the pen. The tortoises should always have the possibility to get away from the heat to cool down or else they might die from overheating.

So you definitely need a heat bulb which should be turned on all day for 12-14 hours. Besides that an UV bulb is equally important
for your tortoises' well-beeing.

Of course the best thing for your Russians would be to stay outside in a large enclosure, with plants, rocks and hiding places. But that's a different story for now.

I think that Nicodemus has written you a very good answer as to what equipment you need to take proper care of your tortoises.

Good luck

:I would turn it on as soon as you get up and then it would be ok to leave it off when ur at school then turn it back on as soon as you get home. I clip mine on to the side and make sure the ceramic part (where it gets hot) doesnt touch the side. That works very well for me. I have AIM (aol IM) and YIM (yahoo IM). My sn for Aim is miskittlegrl and for yahoo its iluv_ny4ever. Im on right now if you wanna talk. I have been keeping russians for 4 years and I love them so much. I learned all I have so far from the yahoo group that is at the link below. Good luck :)

::I go to school at 8 am and get back at 2 pm, is it ok if i just turn on the lamp when i am home and awake? and just leave near window wen im not home or sleeping? Also, how do u mount a lamp on a rubbermaid? or do u use a stand? cagrlalwys, do u have any instant messengers? it sounds like u know alot, id like to chat

:::hey again hehe. I answered your heat question. You should have a heat lamp. The hot spot should be around 95F and the cool spot should be around 70F or so. Dont worry about it melting the plastic. As long as it isnt touching the plastic it wont hurt it at all. I have one and mine hasnt burned or melted any of the plastic. Just keep it a little bit away from the edge and it will be fine. Also you could try LLLreptile. I am pretty sure they are in CA. To go the link below and you can look at the russians. Good luck :)

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