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Substrate Poll>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Posted by jackie lapradd on May 12, 2003 at 00:29:41:

In Reply to: Substrate Poll>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> posted by jackie lapradd on May 12, 2003 at 00:24:39:

Leave of the www. part.
For some reason it won't pull up for me if included in the webaddress.
Jackie Lapradd

:I have used Timothy Hay, mulch, Carefresh and a host of other material in the past. I now use good ol' shredded newspaper exclusively.
:I have been very impressed with its absorbancy and ability to control odors. Factor in low cost, availability and safety should it be ingested and you have the ideal substrate for many species.
:An example of the types of enclosure I use can be viewed at They are easy to make and relatively inexpensive depending on the types of wood used in construction.
:Jackie Lapradd

:By the way, How was the show Saturday?


::Hi everyone,

::I have posted this subject before and gotten mixed answers. I have also read everything I can find on the subject and gotten mixed info. So I thought I would get everyone's opinion again.

::I just finished my new indoor Tortoise enclosure. It is 6ft long and 2 ft. wide, wooden construction, 2 levels. The bottom level is for a trio of Hermans, and the top is for my 1yr old and 2yr old Leopards. It is a typical Tort table type with a wood floor. I laminated the wood floor with vinyl to make it moisture resistant. I have cut holes in the bottom to install water dishes(10" ceramic potting plant saucers- 1" deep)and a hole to insert a nest box for the Hermans. Even though the bottom is moisture resistant and easily cleaned, I want to use some type of substrate to make it more comfy for the Torts. Also to help with thermo and humidity control.

::After all that, my questions to everyone are:

::1. What do you use for substrate?
::2. What type of enclosure do you use it in?
::3. What type of Tort do you use it for?
::4. What do you reccomend for me?

::Thanks in advance!!!!!!
::I think this topic is one we will all enjoy seeing results to.



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