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They're all a little different...

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Posted by Mark_And_Aimee on April 15, 2003 at 23:07:29:

In Reply to: Making a columbian B/W tegu Tame?................. posted by crazydago18 on April 14, 2003 at 20:15:00:

In some cases, they are just born evil :-) Or maybe they hate the fact that their owners don't know how to spell Colombia.

In any event... I don't press the issue of handling and "taming" my tegu... I pretty much take it with the same mentality as my monitors. Just let them be... Once they are comfortable in their surroundings, and start to get used to you messing around in their cage, they will let you get away with more.

Quite honestly, if you want a lizard that will sit in your lap and fall asleep, you might want to consider a Bearded Dragon, or something along the lines of that. MOST B&W Tegus tend to have a bit of an aggressive streak.

I guess you'd have to say they are the Nile Monitors of the Tegu world.


:ive got a 12 inch long columbian B/W tegu whom seems to be fairly well tempered most of the time. ive heard many bad things about the temperment of these tegus and every one just says to get an "argentine" id like to try to get the columbian tame before he gets to big to be agressive and hurt me. Am i wasting my time basicaly, or can it be done? I realy like this little guy and dont want to see him get vicious. any info or ideas let me know. thanks -nick-

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