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Re: Wells and Wellington Papers for Wulf Schleip

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Posted by Wulf Schleip on March 12, 2002 at 04:07:04:

In Reply to: Wells and Wellington Papers for Wulf Schleip posted by Richard Wells on March 12, 2002 at 01:27:25:

Dear Richard,

thank you very much for your answer. I have received your email aswell but I do not have a private email account in the office.

It seems that you (have had and still) have quite an amount of work to do untill you can recline and sitting in a chair reading a book. I can only imagine what your going through.

I'd love to receive a copy of your work and I'd bet Dr. Boehme would too ( perhaps he has found them after unpacking his library anyway).

Yes, the internet make some things easier but others more complicated.
Today it's much easier to get information on all kinds of topics using the internet but someone can be made responsible for his writing after years.
I guess 1985 taxonomy and the whole thing about systematics wasn't as public as it seems today. Only the professional biologists had to deal with it and maybe no layman would have dared to question it or even to ask about it.

Things have changed since and today there are a lot of amatures ( as I am one ) interested in taxonomy and trying to figure out why names of their animals change almost every year and more or less someone one day finds himself in the middle of a big collection of taxonomic papers.
Questions like why did this taxonom serpate and a nother one didn't. Is he a lumper ? What's it all about come to someones mind.

And then somebody remembers the papers of Wells & Wellington and actually no professional taxonom wants to talk about these papers and it seems like they have been baned...

I have to admit I was asking myself what happend to Wells & Wellington and - as I wrote in my mail - I was more then suprised to see you on the KS forum.

So, welcome back Richard Wells and I'm looking forward to read some more of your work !

best regards,

Wulf Schleip

: Hello Wulf,

: I still have a few original copies of both the "Synopsis" and "Classification" papers. At the present time they are packed on pallets in my warehouse awaiting the completion of a new building for my library. Construction will be finished over the next couple of months
: then the big unpacking. It took me over two years to pack everything away for the move, and I have had to endure the annoyance of organised chaos for far too long. I now hate the sight of cardboard boxes, sticky tape, plastic shrink wrap, forklifts, semi-trailers, truck drivers and everything else that has kept from my library. The scale of this project has been so all-consuming that I have had little time for much else since the days of 1985. It has taken some 50 semi-trailer loads to move so far and I still have material warehoused in other parts of Australia ! I now know that my library weighs over 1500 tonnes (and my muscles have been punished mercilessly). I shall be happy to send you or the great Dr Boehme copies when they surface.

: As for Kingsnake, I only discovered it relatively recently as I tend to like the old ways of a manual typewriter, books, pens and paper etc. However, when my daughter started using the Net for her doll trading activities, she came across some unpleasant comments about her dear old dad and wanted to know why no one liked him ! Then I had a bit of a look and lo and behold there was all this tripe that had been plasted on the Internet for years without me ever knowing that it existed. So, it sort of made me think that perhaps my polite ignorance of the stupidity of the responses to my articles back in 1984 and 1985 was a bit of a mistake. Although the works were never formally suppressed, it is clear that some have continued to discourage any use of the works, and quite frankly, enough is enough. So now I'm back and I'm sure that Kingsnake will soon be buzzing with all sorts of interesting discussions - particularly after I place another 100 taxonomic papers on it !

: With my kind regards,

: Richard Wells

: >From: "Wulf"
: >Reply-To:
: >To:
: >Subject: Your python taxonomic work 1984, 1985
: >Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 21:36:36 +0100
: >
: >Dear Richard,
: >
: >I was quite amazed seeing your name on the kingsnake forum.
: >Let me take the chance to ask you if you have PDF-reprints of your python
: >taxa work available ?
: >
: >I was looking at the ZFMK in Bonn some time ago but Wolfgang Boehme was
: >moving to a nother room so that we couldn't find the publications. Anyway he
: >only would have had one of the major publications as far as I know.
: >
: >Best Regards,
: >
: >Wulf Schleip
: >--
: >
: >
: >

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