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Section 2: Amphibians) Catalog of California

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Posted by Will on June 22, 2002 at 06:33:54:

CAUDATA (Salamanders)
AMBYSTOMA (Mole Salamanders)
Ambystoma californiense, California Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma gracile, Northwestern Salamander
Crother (2000) and Collins (1997) agree that recognition of any subspecies is not warranted.
Ambystoma macrodactylum, Long-toed Salamander
A. m. croceum, Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander
A. m. sigillatum, Southern Long-toed Salamander
DICAMPTODON (Pacific Giant Salamanders)
Dicamptodon ensatus, California Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon tenebrosus, Coastal Giant Salamander
Conflict of standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises Coastal Giant Salamander, while Collins (1997) Pacific Giant Salamander. Historically, Dicamptodon ensatus standard name was Pacific Giant Salamander. However, Dicamptodon ensatus is now titled California Giant Salamander. Therefore, Dicamptodon tenebrosus is a new species hence assigned a new standard name.

RHYACOTRITON (Torrent Salamander)
Rhyacotriton variegatus, Southern Torrent Salamander
TARICHA (Pacific Newts)
Taricha granulosa, Rough-skinned Newt
Conflict of standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises Rough-skinned Newt, while Collins (1997) advises Roughskin Newt. Collins (1997) references to countless species in verb past tense (e.g. Long-toed Salamander, Large-blotched Ensatina, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog) but curiously shifts.
T. g. granulosa, Rough-skinned Newt
Conflict of standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises subspecies as Rough-skinned Newt, while Collins (1997) advises Northern Roughskin Newt. However, this subspecies encompasses both north and south limits of its distribution rendering the “North” of its title insignificant. In addition, see comments regarding verb past tense: Taricha granulosa, Rough-skinned Newt.
Taricha torosa, California Newt
T. t. sierrae, Sierra Newt
T. t. torosa, Coast Range Newt
Taricha rivularis, Red-bellied Newt

PLETHODON (Woodland Salamanders)
Plethodon dunni, Dunn’s Salamander
Plethodon elongatus, Del Norte Salamander
Plethodon stormi, Siskiyou Mountains Salamander

ENSATINA (Ensatina)
Ensatina eschscholtzii, Ensatina
E. e. croceater, Yellow-blotched Ensatina
E. e. eschscholtzii, Monterey Ensatina
E. e. klauberi, Large-blotched Ensatina
E. e. oregonensis, Oregon Ensatina
E. e. picta, Painted Ensatina
E. e. platensis, Sierra Nevada Ensatina
E. e. xanthoptica, Yellow-eyed Ensatina

ANEIDES (Climbing Salamanders)
Aneides ferreus, Clouded Salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus, Black Salamander
A. f. flavipunctatus, Speckled Black Salamander
A. f. niger, Santa Cruz Black Salamander
Aneides lugubris, Arboreal Salamander
Aneides vagrans, Wandering Salamander

BATRACHOSEPS (Slender Salamanders)
Batrachoseps campi, Inyo Mountains Salamander
Batrachoseps diabolicus, Hell Hollow Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps gabrieli, San Gabriel Mountains Slender Salamander
Conflict of standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises San Gabriel Mountains Slender Salamander, while Collins (1997) advises San Gabriel Slender Salamander.
Batrachoseps gavilanensis, Gabilan Mountains Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps gregarious, Gregarious Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps incognitus, San Simeon Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps kawia, Sequoia Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps luciae, Santa Lucia Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps major, Garden Slender Salamander
B. m. aridus, Desert Slender Salamander
Crother (2000) sites recent revisions by Wake and Jockusch (2000, Biology of Plethodontid Salamanders, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers) recognizing this salamander as a subspecies of Batrachoseps major.
B. m. major, Garden Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps minor, Lesser Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps nigriventris, Black-bellied Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps pacificus, Channel Islands Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps regius, Kings River Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps relictus, Relictual Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps simatus, Kern Canyon Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps stebbinsi, Tehachapi Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps attenuatus, California Slender Salamander
HYDROMANTES (Web-toed Salamanders)
Hydromantes brunus, Limestone Salamander
Hydromantes platycephalus, Mount Lyell Salamander
Hydromantes shastae, Shasta Salamander

ANURA (Frogs)
ASCAPHUS (Tailed Frog)
Ascaphus truei, Tailed Frog

SCAPHIOPUS (Southern Spadefoot)
Scaphiopus couchii, Couch’s Spadefoot

SPEA (Western Spadefoots)
Spea hammondii, Western Spadefoot
Spea intermontana, Great Basin Spadefoot

BUFO (Toads)
Bufo alvarius, Colorado River Toad
Bufo boreas, Western Toad
B. b. boreas, Boreal Toad
B. b. halophilus, California Toad
Bufo exsul, Black Toad
Bufo canorus, Yosemite Toad
Bufo woodhousii, Woodhouse’s Toad
B. w. woodhousii, Woodhouse’s Toad
Conflict of standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises subspecies as Rocky Mountain Toad, while Collins (1997), Stebbins (1985), and Behler (1979) advise Woodhouse’s Toad. The subspecies in question possess the majority of Bufo woodhousii distribution and changing this subspecies name may promote changing the name of the species.
Bufo microscaphus, Arizona Toad
Bufo californicus, Arroyo Toad
Bufo punctatus, Red-spotted Toad
Bufo cognatus, Great Plains Toad

PSEUDACRIS (Chorus Frogs)
Pseudacris regilla, Pacific Chorus Frog
Conflict of scientific and standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises Pseudacris regilla, Pacific Treefrog, while Collins (1997) advises Hyla regilla, Pacific Treefrog. Many authorities and the majority of new writings regarding this species appear to reference it as Pseudacris regilla, Pacific Chorus Frog.
Several subspecies are acknowledged by Crother, however the status of these subspecies is not clear. Therefore, P. r. cascadae (Cascade Treefrog), P. r. curta (California Treefrog), P. r. desertcola (Desert Treefrog), P. r. sierra (Sierran Treefrog) have been withheld from this list.
Pseudacris cadaverina, California Chorus Frog
Conflict of scientific and standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises Pseudacris cadaverina, California Treefrog, while Collins (1997) advises Hyla cadaverina, California Treefrog. See comments regarding Pseudacris regilla, Pacific Chorus Frog.
RANA (True Frogs)
Rana aurora, Red-legged Frog
R. a. aurora, Northern Red-legged Frog
R. a. draytonii, California Red-legged Frog
Rana pretiosa, Oregon Spotted Frog
Rana cascadae, Cascades Frog
Rana boylii, Foothill Yellow-legged Frog
Rana muscosa, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog
Rana pipiens, Northern Leopard Frog
Rana yavapaiensis, Lowland Leopard Frog
Rana berlandieri, Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Rana catesbeiana, American Bullfrog
Conflict of standard name recognition. Crother (2000) advises American Bullfrog, while Collins (1997), Stebbins (1985), and Behler (1979) advise Bullfrog.

XENOPUS (Clawed Frog)
Xenopus laevis, African Clawed Frog

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