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I know exactly how you feel.............

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Posted by -ryan- on October 27, 2002 at 19:10:33:

In Reply to: I don't know where to post this but please read! posted by rep on October 25, 2002 at 12:18:32:

They are far too ignorant to own reptiles. I'm only 14, and I could tell that when I first stepped in! What really got me was that the animals that like to climb (with the exeption of what were either iguanas or water dragons, and some cheap geckos), were all in tiny cells that had only a water dish, and weren't even tall enough to have climbing branches, and they had a bunch of russian tortoises in this tall, arboreal style enclosure, with once again only a water dish! Talk about wasted space! There were a ton of other things that were all wrong like that too. They had a 24" savannah monitor in an 18"x18" cage, while they had a couple of very skinny 20" ball pythons in one of the largest cages they had, 36"x18". It's a shame that their largest cage is equivelant to a 40 gallon breeder, while at the local petshop around here, the smallest is probably around that size, and all the rest are either about 60 or 90! I could go on, but I think I'll stop at the boa constrictor (not sure if it was a red tail or not) that was about 18" long, very skinny, once again had an 18"x18" enclosure (I'm actually starting to think they were smaller than that), but had about 3/4 of it taken up by a water bowl, and had nothing else! I felt like stealing all of those animals! I know I could give them better care then petco ever could. I also know that the temperatures can't be right, petco probably has no clue that savannah monitors need up to 120 degrees. That's another thing, how can a pet supermarket sell animals to people (such as a savannah monitor or a boa constrictor) that are going to grow far too large for most people to handle, and can do great harm to people if not properly handled or tamed. Same goes for the iguannas or water dragons, or watever other large animals they get (on a note, the iguanas and water dragons and all those aren't nearly as dangerous as a full grown boa constrictor, or an agrivated savannah monitor). You know that they are probably instucted to sell a certain type of animal with a certain type of one of those kits they seem to have an abundance of. You know, the ones with what kind of animal they are for checked off, even though they all have twenty gallon aquariums. I'm just really upset about it, and I'm going to have to do something. I am seriously considering getting a job at petco (If I get a job at a petshop, I would want it to be petco, that way I could get things straightened out).

:We should do something about the way the reptiles are treated at petco. I saw a ten gallon tank with at least 10 iguana juves laying on top of each other! Then they had a 5 gallon with 30 leopard geckos laying on each other and some geckos were dead and dead crickets were in there too! Then they kept RES food on land, and turtles can't swallow on land! The Russian tortoises were in a small cage with hot rocks and the people gave them a teriable diet! The cages were too smale, they didn't have the right diet, and most of the herps had hot rocks! What should we do?

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