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Poor Mans Tank...

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Posted by Jay Ahlers on April 01, 1998 at 10:44:45:

When I was younger I loved keeping frog's as im sure most all of you on this post did. Well I came from a not so wealthy family in a not so wealthy town (which i regrettably still live) and
never could afford anything new so I used to go rummage through my neighbors junk pile for anything worth money or salvaging. One day with a frog in hand, just a common little guy,
but anyway we were digging to find him a new little crate to call his own and low and behold we found our selves a gold mine it was then we found a beat up old cracked aquarium that
could barely hold water. Once we got it home, we threw together some dirt and sand and a little box for him to sleep in (I was young dont ask) and decided to turn in for the night. Well I
didn't decide my mom kinda forced me into my PJ's and into bed. The next day surprisingly george was gone, well we will call him george because...well... that was his name, hours later I
found him in the dog's water dish well thats when it hit me he needed water so I pushed the dirt and sand to one side of the tank and poured a bunch of water in the one side creating a
nasty mess of mud and slush and stuck george back in his little box which might i add was soaked and falling apart but he seemed to like it in there and slept the day through but by that
evening I got a woopin by my mother for an unjust cause well at least i thought. I was being charged with running around the house throwing mud and sand not to mention the accusation
of taking a leek on the floor next to georges tank. Though she never believed me and I still got a woopen the tank had leaked all that water it was then I realized welp i gatta get rid of this
mess and start over so i did. So the next day I set out to find a bowl or dish for water to be put in since I got in trouble for finding a bowl in the house. So off I was looking for a bowl
still when I finalwhich found a good one ( the neighbor dogs water dish!) and brought it home to be georges own private swimming pool, now that that was solved I put more dirt in there and
some sand and this time a few rocks for steps up to the water bowl wich barely fit in the thing and said butch on it which I crossed out and wrote and I quote " G3OrG3 " and well now I
thought he's had it made but the very next morning I woke to mom screaming that there was a frog in her hosery hehe I thought that was the funniest thing I ever did see until I got a
woopen for it screaming the whole time saying I didnt do it I didnt do it George did it and well I got another woopen for liming and since I figured I would get any were trying to tell my mom
the truth I set out to get a top so george couldn't get out anymore. well I tried many things to top it with and he kept getting out until finally one of them city boys I know said what are
you stupid U need to put a screen on the top with some string to tie it in and well I went hunting for some screen and well I got my screen but I also got it in the head with a broom
because the neighbor didnt take kindly to me taking their back screen door's screen! But none the less I got a top for george. now I thought he's gatta be the happiest little guy in there,
george that is, and well every time I saw him I thought why doesnt he get off the side of there and go swimming? so yet again the darn city boy said what are you stupid again and then
told me that the frog needed some plants to climb on. so off I went to find some plants and didnt really find anything small enough to be put in there so I got the urge and hehe i guess
you know were I got a plant from.....yup the neighbor hehe they were right mad this time! came chasin me with a damned pellet gun woo I never did run so fast in my life. so finally george
was happy as could be with his new home and so was I. Shoot i even got him a little buddy that later turned out to be a girl and well I had more frogs then I could handle.

Now I still live in this strange town and still use poor mans tanks but they are alot better now! E-mail me for some of my methods in cheap setups that make your frog more than happy
my e-mail is

Catch Ya later,
Jay Ahlers

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