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a retic story, think before you get one

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Posted by ReticMaster on February 19, 2001 at 15:29:08:

This not true story, but is good and people should think before getting retic. There was this man who aways want a retic. It wa his dream snake. One day he went to the pet shop and saw a retic for sale. He bought it and put in a nice cage. 2 years later he wish he didn't bought the retic. I was 20 feet lond and very strong. One day the retic got out of the cage. The guy was at work when this happen. He came home and his whole house was thrash. The man found the retic the bath room. It tore the tolet and the sink out. The guy was mad and wanted the retic out of his house. He sream and yell at the retic got mad and bit him. His friends just on time and tyey were all body builders. The retic coil the owner and he friends got him loose. They took the retic and to sell it and nobody didn't by it. They took it to a zoo and did want it and animal did not want ether. They took it to a reptil recue and did want it, too big and too strong. So took back to th owner and build him a new cage sence the retic reck it. The new cage is made out of steel and 4 inch glass. The owne was stuck with the retic for rest of his life and it abouse on bad mmod swings.
The moral story is don't buy a retic, unless you expernce and you know waht you getting into.

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