not a good way to gain your girlfriends trust......

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Posted by Chase...... on September 02, 2000 at 02:31:53:

the other night i was feeding and taking care of my 25 snakes and a bunch of other creatures (the other 40 being back at home with my parents caring for them!!!) well anyway as i was doing this my girlfriend walks in to the room where i was doing this and although we had been dating for awhile this was her first time in my apartment and i think she was afraid of the snakes at the time but when she looked in the cage where my 18" great plains ratsnake was sitting i guess curiosity won over fear and she said oh cool can i hold it it wont bite me will it and i said sure no it wont (and normally this snake of mine doesent!!!!)well about 2 seconds after she lifted it from the cage it turned and latched on to her middle finger without even striking and it began to chew i was so shocked i became frozen for afew seconds and imiedeetly my girlfriend began to cry and bite her lip apparently because of the pain as quickly as i could before she even had time to ask me to do it i unlatched the snake and caged it i expected her to be mad at me for lying to her but she wasnt instead tears ran down her face and she cried i guess from the shock of the event well anyway she buried her face in my chest and i gave her plenty of hugs and kisses and she calmed down and i said how sorry i was and she just said dont worry its not your fault well i guess it wasnt and i still dont know why the snake bit her and i guess ill never know and i know this story sounds funny and looking back i guess it was but let me tell you it wasnt a very good feeling at the time to see my baby hurtin that way......

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