scary 10 minutes!

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Posted by Kate on July 26, 2000 at 17:30:52:

The last couple of days I have been out of crickets (for my herps) and was out of cash. I just needed to cash a check, and go and buy some crix, but had not got around to it until now. I knew my green snake was really hungry, but I didn't think he would go looking for his own food. He did. I fed the whole tank (he is in a community herp tank) this morning, and could not see him. No problem (I told myself, trying not to panic) he is probably just hiding (I REALLY didn't want to tear the tank apart)he should appear in a second as soon as he realizes he has been fed. No snake. Ok, I thought, I will come back later. I did. No snake. Sh*t! I said (quietly, so my mother didn't suspect anything...)so I grab some flashlights and start looking in all the warm places (he lives in the basement) under the washing machines, hot water tank, furnace. No snake. Da*nit! I said (again, quietly) I crawl around some more, now looking under cages, tables stands, etc (my hair was JUST washed, and is now covered in god knows what, as this is the animal room) I start tearing the room up. No snake. Finally, I am sitting in the room, swearing under my breath (I won't repeat the words...) when I think to myself, maybe he is under that big, open, cold spot under the cabinet (to all you non snake people, that would be the oddest place for him to go) I look under. Snake! Ice cold, and just a little happy to see me! I stuffed him back in his tank. I tell you, I just about had a heart attack.

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