It was the best of stores, it was the worst of stores.

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Posted by Mike on June 27, 2000 at 23:52:05:

I know of these 2 petstores near me and I would just like to share some info. The 1st petstore is the bad one. I will not reveal its name for a couple of reasons. This store had Juvie iguanas. They named them, now this is the kicker, South American Anoles! I asked them if they were iguanas but they were insistant that they were S.A.A.s. I asked them about the care and they said they needed "Calci-Sand made by... on the bottom. They needed Very High humidity. They needed a large pool that only a 100 gallon tank could offer, a lot of branches, and only fed Mealies" I came in about a week later and told them I needed some pics of their animals for my website. They were a little weary but the said okay. They watched me like a hawk. I took several pics of the iguanas and some other animals. They had about 5 different species of turtle in a tank, all called Red Eared Sliders at Different Stages of Development. When I got there the second time, they had been talking to a customer about their S.A. Anoles. I feel sorry for the iguana and the faulty setup that that poor, good hearted woman spent $380.00 on.
This next store is the good one. I showed them the pics and they were accually mad at the other store. I told them some things and they told me that they would tell some people. The next time I went to the bad one, they had cleaned up their act. They had substantialy less iguanas and the live ones looked half dead. Their towards me leaves some to be desired but I hardly ever go their anyway.
Just had to tell someone,

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