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Re: Anyone with iguana breeding or male / female housing experience?

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Posted by Stacey on March 13, 2001 at 17:24:18:

In Reply to: Anyone with iguana breeding or male / female housing experience? posted by JasonZ on October 24, 1998 at 10:40:26:


I have both a 7 yr old female, and a 5 yr old male. They share the same cage, 6ft by 4 1/2ft by 3ft, but they are only in it during the day when we're not home. My male is the very typical, big & dumb male, very easy going. I have never had any problems with him during mating. My female however is the snot of the two. She rules the home. Right now she is carry eggs, and for the first month is fine, after she becomes really touching and I leave her in the cage. She doesn't even want to come out. She just wants everyone to go away. She's very uncomfortable and restless, she spends most of her time pacing back and forth around the logs in her cage. I just give her her space and she'll be back to normal soon. As for the two of them getting along normally, they get along great. He follows her everywhere and she could less he even exists. They have only gotten in one fight and that was when we first brought him home (he was 3 yrs old) he bit her tail, she bit his mouth where he was holding onto her tail. Results $250. in vet bills, 8 stitches for him. On the bright side he has never again attempted to bite or touch her tail. I don't know much about the incubation of their eggs, I have never tried it. I know in the past my lizard has laid 45 eggs. I have done alot of reading and research and their are alot of things that say you shouldn't cohabitate them, but mine actually get along great. I used to take them everywhere with me, but they've just gotten to big for just 1 person to carry. My male weighs in at 12 pounds and my "Big Girl" as the vet puts it, weighs in at almost 9 pounds. I would not however get anymore than the two I have. I think my male would have a problem with another male, and my female would just have a problem with another one in general.

Hope this helped you at least alitte bit.


: I have an interesting dilema. I saw an ad in today's classifieds in my local newspaper that an individual with a female iguana wants to find her a new home because she is laying eggs and I presume that he is worried about the potential problems associated with females laying unfertilized eggs (I haven't called yet.)
: I have a large male iguana that is almost 5 years old alone in a 6' long, 6' tall, 3' wide enclosure. I have always wanted to get a female companion but have feared putting him together with another animal.
: First off, is my enclosure large enough to comfortably house a pair of adults that would possibly breed? Second, if there is a significant size difference between the two would that be a problem or are sizes only an issue in same-sex hierarchy? Has anyone out there been in this situation of introducing a female to a male that has been largely solitary for his entire life? Can I expect them to tolerate eachother sharing the same enclosure? Does housing iguanas in pairs help male's temperment during the infamous breeding (bad attitude ha-ha) season? Also, what are the considerations for caring for an animal in this female's physical state?
: Anyone that could provide or point me to the answers to this question is awesome! Thanks in advance.
: Jason

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