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Re: Questions for Lynn-

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Posted by Lynn_DeVries on October 28, 2002 at 22:55:51:

In Reply to: Questions for Lynn- posted by Gamera on October 28, 2002 at 20:23:38:

:Hiya Lynn-

:First of all, thanks for sharing pics of your awsome turts.

:You mentioned in one of your earlier posts that you feed your snappers chickens. How do you prepare your chickens? Some people recommended that I boil my chickens first to lessen the chance of salomella, but I seen a bunch of croc people just toss uncook chickens into their pens. I usually go to my local butcher and buy my turt food by the case and just defrost and straight into their mouths (im probably gonna get scolded now). But I used to boil them but that became a hassle. Other than chicken, I'll go to my local grocery and go to their fish dept. and ask for their throw aways (i.e. crab bait such as salmon head and tails and fish filets that have expired in the show case) and as a treat, I'll give them live crayfish (although some people say thats a no, no. But they eat them in the wild, go figure).

:Several years ago, if I remember correctly, you were trying to get an albino snapper breeding program going, how is that going?

:I notice you have a nice high yellow common snapper, have you ever come across any nice unusual colored ali'snap?

:Thanks for taking the time to read this and any info will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Gam- I feed my snappers and Crocs whole fresh dead chickens(feathers and all)and chicken parts(fresh from the supermarket)I have never boiled them or microwaved them(not that there is anything wrong with either) it's just that I am feeding so many snappers,both Commons and Loggerheads. That it is unrealistic for me to do so. I just make sure it's fresh and thawed. Although I suspect that if it were tainted that the Snappers would know best since they do scavange in the wild. I must also clarify that I do not feed chicken exclusivley. I also feed fish(Carp) and a chow mix I mix myself using 50 pounds of Trout Chow,50 pounds of cat food,50 pounds of Hi Pro dog food. this is a mix used for adults only and is supplemented with any meat or whole animals I can get my hands on. I travel the road from work to the Snapper Farm at least twice a day and I admit that a fair number of Opossum,Coon,Squirrels,Ducks,Pheasant,Deer (All road kill) have made there way into the main snapper pond. I only throw in what they can conssume in a 24 hour period so as not to pollute the pond. They do love Crawfish and since it is part of the natural diet, I don't see a problem, but it is not a food source available to me cheaply and in large supply. Since meat and whole animals are not always available everyday during my feeding season I use the chow mix to make sure they all get plenty to eat during the feeding season, which for me only lasts from the last week in May to the first week in September. Since that is only about 14 or 15 weeks I pile on the food EVERY day. Baby Commons all get Reptomin and baby Loggerheads get ZOO Med Aquatic Turtle Diet(John Richards of Loggerhead Acres recommends it over Reptomin, For Loggerheads)
Albino Snappers: The Red Eyed Female died a few years back and upoun autopsy contained immature eggs. However the High Yellow snapper that Bill Moss photographed is in my oppinion a Ruby eyed albino the pupils are a deep ruby red. I have bred this male to black eyed yellow females and produced hets. I have a black eyed yellow male but when bred to black eyed yellow females the resulting offspring are black. A friend of mine has done the same and gotten the same results. I raised the black babies up to 5 inches assuming they where double het for yellow. But then in a weak moment abandoned the project and released them in the big Snapper pond. And now aprox 2 years later you can walk around the pond and see a few 7-8 inch yellow snappers swimming around. I have never released any yellow snappers in the pond, so it appears that this strain turns yellow over time. That is my guess for now.
Unusually colored Loggerheads: John Richards produces a number of light pink skinned babies each year. As they grow the skin turns white, I never paid much attention to them until this year I saw one my friend Mark raised up, It's about 7 inches and the skin is pure white and the iris of the eye is also white. It is a vey cool looking Loggerhead and I plan to get some in the near future. I have a large adult male 60-70 pounds that is golden yellow over the entire body and shell. I just got him last week and I plan to put him in charge of all Loggerhead breedings in the future.
Take care, Lynn

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