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Re: UPS - Prohibited items

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Posted by rkreptiles on January 11, 2003 at 15:08:38:

In Reply to: UPS - Prohibited items posted by geckoville on January 09, 2003 at 17:21:17:

UPS Still does accept Shipments of Live Animals i.e. Reptiles below is the exact quote on this subject from their terms and conditions. You must be authorized to ship them from UPS and not just anyone from off the street can do so. I ship just about every single day of the week all containing Live Reptiles and almost always are my packages there bright and early the next day. A shipper that does ship Live Reptiles CAN NOT file a claim if something happens to the animal in transit for any reason. You can only file a claim for the shipping if the package it late.
(i) UPS does not regularly provide service for packages containing live animals. (The term "animal" as used here refers to anything living, except plants.) UPS will only accept packages containing live animals for shipment within the United States on an exception basis. Transportation for packages containing live animals is limited, must be prearranged, and as with all other packages, will be provided only according to the terms and conditions contained in the UPS Tariff.
(j) UPS does not provide a protective service for the transportation of perishable commodities or of commodities requiring protection from heat or cold. Such commodities will be accepted for transportation solely at the shipper's risk for damage occasioned by exposure to heat or cold. Shippers shall not file claims for, and UPS shall not be liable for, damage to perishable commodities caused by exposure to heat or cold, regardless of whether UPS fails to deliver such packages within the time published on the UPS Web site, or as provided when 1-800-PICK-UPSŪ is called.

:We just noticed today that on UPS's site - they list "LIVE animals" as prohibited items to ship - we are currently having issues with UPS not guaranteeing delivery on our animals and according to the site, they aren't legally allowed to ship them - Please provide some insight to this, because we are running out of options to ship our animals - Airborne is a crock, USPS cannot guarantee overnite delivery in all cases, and it looks like Delta Dash may be the only option - but is pricey -

:Tina and Uriah Walker

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