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Re: Even before......

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Posted by Bluerosy on March 21, 2003 at 12:36:45:

In Reply to: Even before...... posted by Kerby... on March 21, 2003 at 10:02:50:

I have seen some of those "big" breeders myself that sell locale animals that look different. The reason they look different (yes this may be hard to understand)is because they ARE different locales, but it is not because they are rying to rip someone off its because they themselves have not hunted and produced the offspring. So when they made their purchases fro another "so called" reputable big breeder...that person has been mislead years back as well. There is al lot of misinformation and distructive gene pools going on out there. Some (most) big breeders have purchased their rosy breeding stock from "someone" who gave them wrong information. look at the breeders animals...does he/she specialize in rosys or are they just another addition to a large and diverse colubrid collection?? Are they from california. Have they done extensive field collections? Probably not!
I have see this with many breeders and it IS their own inexperience with the rosys that causes misrepresentation!!! I wish I could list some of these breeders as everyone would be surprised, but I would never do that. Instead I have walked by thier table and given my two cents. This is usually met with a nod and the sign on the snake does not change. I have aslo emailed several people (ones who I consider to be very shady) that continually advertise snakes on KS classifieds. I have emailed them that the animals they are selling are in no way a XYZ locale but instead its a hybrid. What I see is their advertisment continuing to run as a locale animal until some poor rosy person buys it as such. i guess its a money greed issue and they rely on the fact that most don't know the ass form a hole in the ground when it comes to locales because there are so many false locales out there.So they can get away with it.

Kerby.....there is "some" s l i g h t variation in locales but none are so different that one could not distinguish one locale from another. There are a few similar coastal rosys that are a bit difficult. But not when you compare an example to it, that is from the same spot. Then there is a big difference. Its all about the untrained eye.....
Then there are places like Borrego, where the area the rosys are hunted covers vastly different terrain and elevations. Example: In Borrego; some near the bottom of S2 come out light in coloration, near the top of S2 they are much darker ...(looks similar to the lower elevation of S-22 that runs into S2 part of Borrego). And South of the infamous Scissors Crossing , there, within the park boundries they come out a beautiful silver. And near the ranger station in the middle of the park they come out light pinkish (the "so called" hypo coined by Scott Selsted as a marketing tool) So it depends on the locale knowledge of the rosy enthusiast and not just the name of a locale.
I have been breeding WC animals for years and as long as the parents come from the same area as the neonates they will look like the parents. Albeit with no scars and healthier, but still the same.

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