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Re: Well.. They´re everithing but what I anticipated.. (pics)

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Posted by Brandon on October 09, 2002 at 18:25:18:

In Reply to: Well.. They´re everithing but what I anticipated.. (pics) posted by obeligz on October 09, 2002 at 15:39:01:

:Hi Brandon.
:I thought they they´d be mid-sized since they were onlky 2yrs old and not adults yet. When I pivked the up I was amazed. The female is 11" and the male is 12.2" (total length).
:I was also very surprised to find out that CF [darkmorph] leachies aren´t dark all the time. My female is *white* during daytime if she´s basking in the light.
:Whitch brings me to the next good news.
:I was told that they were very shy and rarely were seen during bthe day. Well true enough for the male but the female however is often out during the day.
:This lead me to another discovery. Leachies (at leact my CF leachies) have photosensitive skin. The pigment of their skin is influences by light to some extent. One day I saw my CF female hiding in some foliage, the parts of her body that were in the shade were very dark whereas the parts of her body tht were exposed to the light were almost white.
:The pic didn´t come out nice but it shows what I mean..

:The misting system I ordered for their terarium hasn´t arrived yet. I don´t think that it will eigther. :o( (What a way to make buisness..
:I think that I will order another misting system from a Danish supplier instead, it is slightly more expensive but I think that the service and cousomer handling shopuld be much better.

:The mouring gecko hatchlings that I put in the tank are still doing well.
:They seem to be growing nicely. I´m unable to count them in the terarium but I see some of them regulrly. 4 that I know of have formed their own territories and I see them regularly. So far I *think* that none of the 10 hatchlings I put in there have been eaten by the leachies. The leachies have been in there for about 2 weeks now so I´m kinda starting to get my hopes up for the mouring geckoes. :o)
:Here is a headshot of my male CF leachie.

:Leachies are my passion and I love talking about them. I´ll help you out with everything I can but I´ve only kept them for a year or so and never bred any.
:Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new animal, Yoshi? :o)
:I´m happy to hear that he started eating right away.


Wow!!! those cf's are bad! i really want to get one one day. You should set up a little experiment to test your gecko's see if your theory is correct. For your enclosure, do you have any heat lamps, or do your day lights do the trick for the temps?

Yeah, *yoshi* is doing really well, very tiny, but good. He loves banana's and the new crested diet, that's for sure.

Allen told me(i bought the leachie from him-) that he has been raised on the crested diet for two months now...his whole life he's never eaten a cricket until i fed him sunday night...Allen also sent me an e-mail talking about the crested diet, i can frwd this to anyone who wants to see it, but it said the diet contains everything needed for a heathly gecko--no supps, no crix, no anything, just the diet. Pretty cool huh? I'm still gonna vary yoshi's food though, just to be safe.

I'm suprised you rememberd his name... :-)


P.S. Do you leachie's have names? hehe

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