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Posted by GECKOFREAK on September 23, 2002 at 17:41:35:


:I am really stumped at your question.

:What EXACTLY do you want us to "break-down" for you?

:Do you want the names of cage manufacturers?

:Do you want a list of what "ZooMed" makes...or what "Flucker's" makes, etc...??

:Do you want a "step-bt-step" list for setting-up a tropical vivarium? (Like furnishing it, or the plant placements).

:Do you want information on making a "self-contained" terrarrium? (Like the base layers of substrates that can be used, or to know what filter or screens materials to use to seperate the layers of substrate. Do you want to know the proper placement of egg-crates, how to use pea gravel as an upper-layer substrate, how to build a water-fall, river, or pond within a terrarrium, etc...).

:Do you want the schematics of building a cage? (Measurements, widths and lengths per piece of wood, etc...).

:Do you want to know what type of wood to use for the INTERIOR of the cage for your cresty to climb on...and as decoration? Or do you want to know what type of wood to make you cage out of?

:There are endless possible answers for you...depending on WHAT you wnat to know. (You need to be WAAAAAAAY more specific, and not be so "general" in your questions).

:Answer some of these questions, and maybe someone will be able to give you more of a specific response. (Maybe I can as well).

:In Christ: Raymond

::Basically what ive been asking is for one of u who who has the time(i dont expect u to) to break down the Building of a natural enviroment for some cresties ( that ill get after I gather enough info) like what plants, they love, wood, types of waterfalls or aparagraph on it or something ive read enough caresheets, but i still dont feel.. well confident i know enough yet would make for an awesome habitat like brands and stuff


::P.S. Is black jungle a good place to shop from? Again Please help me out if u have th time!!

::P.S.S. Hey I would appreciate and use any info I can get but I noticed (world renowned) Allen Repashy was in here and would appreciate some input from him 2! (subtle hint)

::THANKS!!!! LOVE U ALL!!!!!

::Hey again I know this gets annoying and I dont blame you if you diss me 4 it but I posted an earlier "Habitat" message and it seems like all of the other questions get more than enough responses i hope you guys arent mad or anything its just ive done a TON of research but wanted some input from you guys
::thank you!

:I want to create a VERY natural vivarium so I guess I want a step-by step for creating waterfalls, the substrate, what type of plants what size and type of cage, what kind of background the materials, genaral cost for doing this, pictures of peoples cages so i can give u an example, what kind of accessories I've found a lot of papers for creating these enviroments for Arrow Frogs but nothing for Cresties, the basics but nothing else I think that there should be just as much info for Cresties as Arrow Frogs Thank You all
you can email me at

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