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Bill please read.....

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Posted by mikecoscia on November 07, 2002 at 19:33:24:

In Reply to: Re: *Important*..the other side of the coin.... posted by azteclizard on November 07, 2002 at 17:37:28:

Tracy woke up on the wrong side of the bed, she apologized for being harsh, no harm done. No one was reprimanded. Now im glad youíre a scientist, so what, I have my bio degree, were does that get us? First I said I did a quick search not a lengthy investigation. I chose that site because I believe it to be right in its opinion. The use of mineral oil is controversial. I would not use anything that is controversial on my animals. Their not just breeding stock to me, they are my pets and their well-being comes first. Why would you use an unnatural product opposed to using natural fruits that can do the same thing. Sure mineral oil works, but it could (key word there could) have negative side effects. You yourself agreed not to use it often. The link you provided stated the following:
ďTry giving your child mineral oil. This remedy is somewhat controversial, but in my practice, Iíve found itís one of the best treatments and is generally safe. Mineral oil coats the stool and helps it slide easily through the intestines. At one time, it was thought that it blocked the absorption of important minerals through the intestinal wall, but this was recently found not to be the case. In rare instances, it has caused pneumonia, but only in children who were unable to swallow properly.Ē
Okay you found a site that contradicted the site I found. I did a more lengthy search and found the following:

1. Effects on Animals: Mineral oil mists can affect the lungs of experimental animals, and certain mineral oils are carcinogenic [ACGIH 1991]. Petroleum oil is essentially innocuous when it comes in contact with rabbit corneas [Grant 1986]. Mineral oil mists derived from highly refined oils appear to have a low acute and sub-acute toxicity in experimental animals. The oral LD(50) in rodents is greater than 10 g/kg [Clayton and Clayton 1982]. The dermal LD(50) in rodents is greater than 15 g/kg [Clayton and Clayton 1982]. Single and short-term experiments (up to six months) using concentrations above 100 mg/m(3) have caused lung inflammatory reactions, lipoid granuloma formation, and lipoid pneumonia [ACGIH 1991]. No significant toxicity was observed in studies conducted at concentrations closer to actual workplace levels [ACGIH 1991]. Long-term inhalation toxicity tests suggest that mineral oils have low chronic toxicity. Chronic studies using exposure concentrations above 100 mg/m(3) have resulted in lung inflammatory reactions and lipoid granuloma formation. No carcinogenic effects were observed during these studies even in those species considered to be highly susceptible [ACGIH 1991]. However, skin painting studies suggest that certain mineral oils are carcinogenic in experimental animals; in general, the less severely treated oils are carcinogenic, but severely treated oils are not carcinogenic [ACGIH 1991]. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) performed evaluations on nine of the mineral oils based on skin painting studies in animals, and the results are as follows: 1) vacuum distillates - sufficient evidence, 2) severely solvent refined - no evidence, 3) mildly solvent refined - sufficient evidence, 4) severely hydrotreated - inadequate evidence, 5) mildly hydrotreated - sufficient evidence, 6) severely acid treated (oleum) - no evidence, 7) mildly acid treated - sufficient evidence, 8) aromatic distillate extracts - sufficient evidence, 9) white oils - no evidence [IARC 1984; ACGIH 1991].

Clippings from:

APPEARANCE AND ODOR: Clear, colorless, oily liquid. Odorless when cold and has not more than a slight odor
of petrolatum when heated

ACUTE: May cause eye, skin and or respiratory tract irritation. Ingestion could cause gastric upset, nausea,
stool softening and diarrhea.
CHRONIC: Prolonged use can result in dependence on laxatives, anal irritation, and/or pneumonitis.
SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF OVEREXPOSURE: Possible irritation of the eyes, skin, respiratory tract or
gastrointestinal tract.
MEDICAL CONDITIONS AGGRAVATED BY OVEREXPOSURE: Diarrhea, stool softening, dependence on
laxatives, gastrointestinal irritability.
INHALATION: Seek medical attention immediately.
The point? For every website that states a fact, there is going to be another that says the opposite. It comes down to common sense on which to follow and listen to. I personally will not use mineral oil due to its controversy, especially when there are safer methods. If you like to take risks go ahead, I will not.
I know we have personal issues, so please respond to my posts via e-mail, instead of attempting to one-up me on whatever I post. This is not very professional Bill so please do not bring this feud to the forum.

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