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Posted by tango on May 06, 2003 at 07:27:07:

In Reply to: Thank you for your late contribution. It helps tremendously posted by BrianSmith on May 05, 2003 at 20:26:49:

I didn't get the gyst of your question early- I thought you were just talking about wish lists, not creating a breeding project list. You've shown a decided preference for Bob Clark in your posts and my wish list contains only retics from my preferred breeders, the Baldogos. I think it is important to form a support relationship with a breeder that has a breeding project based on a blood-line etsablished with traits I consider desirable. Many of the questions I see on this forum could have been answered by a responsible breeder who will be there in the future as he/ she has been there repeatedly in the past. So many retics are being sold "as is," like used cars. When people pick up a retic at a show or pet store or on-line from someone who happens to have some for sale, there is no implied support relationship. There isn't even an implied breeding program- just a breeding between a male and female. You've written you've been in this hobby for a couple of decades as well as going back time and again to a specific breeder and I think that type of commitment is just as important as any morphs. Along side you, there are people breeding to ONLY make money. Notice I emphasized ONLY. Breeders do have to make money of course otherwise they could not breed. The difference is in service after a sale and long term established blood lines- breeding for desirable traits instead of breeding to cash in. I agree that there will be less of a problem with unwanted animals if one breeds only desirable animals but if those desirable animals are purchased by (sold to) uneducated people on a whim or if those desirable animals are (bred and) purchased solely on their physical characteristics, there will still be unwanted animals. You have the commitment, what I would look for after that is do you have the breeding project for a whole animal (tractability, health) and not just a morph?
:Thanks a bunch. I didn't get a whole lot of a response on the
retic survey like I did with the python survey in the python forum. So every extra post here helps in a large way. And email me so I can get your email addy and contact info. Unless I have the worst luck in breeding this next season I will have all the albino phases early next year. If you don't want to wait that long then definitely go to Bob Clark for your albinos. He has INCREDIBLE snakes and the best customer service in the business.

::1. purple phase *****
::2. tiger purple phase *****
::3. a really nice looking yellow head *****

:: Yellow heads might not be morphs but I've seen one or two that I think look even better than morphs. I can't seem to find any that nice for sale. Tigers and supers would come before yellow heads but I already have them. My #1 pic is by far the purple phase albino. They seem to glow. I think they are over priced right now, so I hope your plan works because I'm getting one as soon as I can afford to.



:::I would appreciate if all the forum members could take a few short minutes to respond to this retic morph market survey. It isn't just because I am curious as to what everyone likes, but it will play a direct role in just how much I will breed each phase in the future. Don't forget to include all dwarf phases as well as normal phases. Here is a partial list of available morphs: Albino (purple phase, lavender phase, white phase, type 2 phase, albino dwarfs and tigers and future albino supers) Super tgers, tigers, calicos, striped, granite backed and any other phase that I am forgetting.
:::Here's the survey,.... If all these retics had the EXACT same monitary value and say all of them were available for 100.00 each,... if you could get any three,... what would they be? Please rate each choice with a 5 star system and list a reason or two as to why you would want this particular snake. For everyone that takes part in this survey I will put you in a list to get 10% off of any one snake from me next year, regardless of value. Just make sure to email me with your name and contact info. Thanks in advance to all that take part in this very important market research that will benefit not only every retic breeder that reads this, but even the rescue shelters that will have to deal with fewer abandoned snakes as a direct result of something that helps to only produce snakes that are in demand.



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