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I have to agree with this,...

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Posted by BrianSmith on April 13, 2003 at 21:31:36:

In Reply to: Re: Need help fing a good, inexpensive new habitat for my Retic. posted by sincityretics on April 13, 2003 at 20:40:12:

One of the dumbest things I ever did was to make entire rooms into giant retic/burm habitats. This was back in the mid 80's during a move from one house to another. It was just supposed to be for a couple of nights. My logic at the time was to move the snakes first and keep them in whole rooms with shavings on the ground until I got their cages over there. Many things went wrong on the first night alone. One of the things that happened was during the first feeding in the first couple hours they were in there. I walked into one room with a bucket of dead rabbits and figured I would throw each python a rabbit and everything would be hunky dory. I think I got one rabbit to one python before everything went haywire. One large female python that had been sleeping near the door came to life and began rushing toward me, high off the ground. I was fumbling for a rabbit as I backed away from her but I unwittingly was backed into a corner away from the only door. By this time several other pythons were coming toward me very hungrily with coiled necks, ready to strike. I must say I was scared $#!tless. I think I got off one more rabbit and then threw my foot up as another female struck at me. She got my shoe and kept it and I somehow jumped and maneuvered through the gauntlet of hungry pythons to the door. The next day a large retic (15 ft) and a smaller male burmese (9ft) broke through one of the two windows. I didn't find the retic for almost a full year, but I did get it back. The smaller one I never found. Of course the biggest mistake here was not the room so much as the number of snakes, but it still would not have happened had it not been in a room. I would not advise anyone to keep a giant python in a room or walk in enclosure. Just way too much can go very wrong.

:Listen im nottrying to be offensive but. but I wanna set an issue thats been bugging me for a long time. Giving a retic a whole room is like asking to have you basemnt lined with land mines. Giving a Retic that much room will reset it back to the days when it was a ambush predator in the wild(even captive bred) In a room a large Retic has a thousand ways to bite on a mistake or misunderstand you for a food item. Trust me all i yuse is vision and i have a 18ft they are great cages and the snake only has one way of possibly tagging you that's head on whick atleast you have achance toduck or try. Watch evry DIscovery special on big snakeattacks and youll notice every attack happened in alarge open viviarium that involved a retic. Imnot saying a vision is totaly 100% save but its better then aroom

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