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I have to rethink nothing

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Posted by tj on November 16, 2002 at 17:16:57:

In Reply to: Look, posted by Chance on November 15, 2002 at 18:12:41:

you're a hazard, and I know I'm not the only one who sees THAT. You said I'm an ass, yes I am, but at least I'm an ass that cares about what reckless kids ( yes you are just a kid ) do in this hobby. Good luck with your "study" and with your Darwin Award. BTW, you sound like you're ready for a polylepis, you should do a study with them too, or do you already have one?

::At 20 and a tech student ( I don't think my facts were that far off ), why is it that you feel the need to "free handle", your boomslangs? Not that you're not capable of it, I'm sure you have many years of experience handling them. I'm looking forward to reading your published findings after your scientific endevours are complete ( now I'm berading you ). Hopefully you'll have that done before you receive your Darwin Award. And hopefully your quest to be the next great scientist doesn't get you killed. I apologize to the others in this thread for interrupting, I just feel this "hobby" doesn't anymore bad publicity, especially because of some gung-ho kid who thinks he's Bill Haast.
::I'm sure you won't see my point Chance, so I'll stop while I'm not ahead.

:I don't know exactly what 'beef' you have with me, but if you're going to stay stupid crap like this, keep it private where it belongs. You're now making idiotic statements that have no place on this forum. First, because you still don't seem to understand this, my university is Arkansas Tech, much like there is a Texas Tech and a Luisiana Tech. So get of the "tech" part. A quick lesson, community colleges only offer 2 year Associate's degrees. Universities, like the one I attend, offer 4 year Bachelors, 6 year Masters, and even PhD.

:I don't "feel a need to freehandle" my boomslangs, I do this because it is the easiest way to work with this species, FOR ME. I hate to bring other names into a post, but this time I'll make the exception, both BGF and WW take my answer at that, why can't you?

:And what, do you think I'm bragging about the work I'm trying to do? Well if that's the case, than you are sadly mistaken. I'm going to (hopefully) be doing some directed research. If you've ever been to college (which is kinda doubtful considering), you would know that in the science department there are things called directed research. That's where you do research under the eye of a professor. In my case, the school herpetologist will be the professor I'll be doing my work under. Most likely I'll find nothing worthy of publishing, and even if I did, I would probably have to wait until post-grad to do so. Geez, you sound like one of those little high school students that b!tches about the school's national merit scholar or something.

:So again here I'll restate, if you're going to attack someone, at least have your facts straight. You obviously know nothing about me, I guess you just felt the need to berate (with a "t", not a "d") someone at that time. Whatever, it really wasn't needed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that saw you as being a total a$s because of it. Did your mother never tell you that old saying, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say nothing at all." Rethink it bud.

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