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Dear Chance and Patrick

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Posted by Francis on July 14, 2002 at 20:19:04:

In Reply to: Re: You also said `adult mice (live ones)'... posted by Patrick Alexander on July 14, 2002 at 10:36:07:


I'm afraid I have to agree with Pat on most counts even if you may not have intended it to sound the way it's come across.

However, I'd have to differ with Pat as far as temperament is concerned. Like I've mentioned in earlier posts, I've come across too many mangroves to write them off as an aggressive specie.

Cool it guys, communication is an acquired skill and even the best of us come off sounding like asses at times. I've also miscommunicated myself pretty often.


: : Yes, there is a risk. I was just wanting to see how the mangrove goes about killing its prey. Well, it didn't ever bite the mouse, nor did the mouse bite it, so whatever, no harm done.

: Agreed, no harm was done. Nonetheless... there certainly was a risk.

: : And what do you mean, I had no right to come here, act like an expert, and offer advice?

: That certainly is not what I meant. I've said nothing about `rights', here. I've said that your post struck me as arrogant, and that you seem to be portraying yourself as more of an expert than you are. You are, of course, free to portray yourself however you like, and be as arrogant as you like. However, when you look like you're being arrogant and pretending to be more of an expert than you are, people will generally react negatively. If you don't want people to react negatively, pay more attention to how you portray yourself, and less to trying to blame them.

: : I came here and offered my observation to other people in hopes to help other poeple that may have been having the same problem as myself. If you think you can forbid someone to offer their observations just because they haven't had a snake for long, then you are most definitely wrong.
: Well, as it would happen, I haven't forbidden you to offer your observations, nor do I think I can or should. So I suppose I'm not wrong, and since I'm not wrong, I'm right, right? :)

: : I know that if it was someone else that came on here and said what I did, and I read it before I had tried it myself, I would have been elated if I tried it and it worked. So whatever. I'm ever so sorry to offering my observations in hopes of helping. I, in NO way, acted like an expert, as my post was, if anything, a personal story, not a scientific view point.

: I'm not sure what scientific viewpoints have to do with this... but what makes your post look, to me, as though you make claim to being an expert is that you seem to claim that your experience, which strikes me as of very limited applicability to mangrove snakes in general, given that the temperament of yours is so unusual, is an important thing for anyone keeping mangrove snakes that don't feed well to read and consider. The impression that you're pretending to have expertise that you don't is also greatly increased by the fact that placing a dead rodent's head in the mouth of a poorly-feeding snake is a pretty standard traditional sort of thing to try, yet you portray it in your post as a personal discovery...

: : Some step down off that mighty tall equine upon which you ride, and maybe then you'd begin to appreciate people like myself that are just trying to offer our experiences in hopes to help our peers in the community. Thanks.

: I'm afraid I have no equine from which to step down. Perhaps you're looking in a mirror when you think you see one?

: Patrick Alexander

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