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Posted by duffy on May 11, 2003 at 07:52:32:

In Reply to: Uh...Ok. So... posted by Sybella on May 10, 2003 at 19:35:04:

...None of my snakes will be ready until next year, either. I have only been keeping snakes for a little over a year, and have purchased (and in one case, was given) hatchlings and yearlings. 6 of my 8 ARE North American Ratsnakes (corns, black, "greenish", Texas), so while I could probably get away with a good deal of cross-breeding if I wanted, I will probably only deal with intergrades which naturally occur where ranges overlap. But is is nice to know that I have the option of a corn/black rat mix, for example, if I decide to get creative (OK, let's not start up the whole hybrid debate again!). Duffy is actually a nickname. Real name: Mark Richards Most of my friends in this area call me Duffy, as does my wife. It seems to suit me.
How long have you had your rats, and do you have any other snakes? I was thinking just the other day how glad I am that I chose the ratsnakes that I chose. I think they are awesome! Duffy

:I do have a pair of egyptians but she is quite a bit smaller than he is. He can breed now but she has to wait until next year. I was thinking of adding another female to the mix but didn't want a 3rd egyptian. That's why I was asking what could mate with an egyptian diadem ratsnake. :)

:PS. It's so weird to be talking to a guy's name is Duffy and I had never heard of the name before him. We got together a little over 2 years ago. Then, just recently I watched and old Gene Wilder flick, and his character, the lead male, was also named Duffy. I'm just awestruck!! I asked my guy if he was secretly posting on but he swears it's not him. LOL!

::Don't be confused. If you really want to breed, and you're not just going to spin the wheel and cross your fingers and hope that "maybe" your snakes will breed: Breed egyptian rats to egyptian rats. Breed corns to corns. All of the corns are pretty much different color morphs of the same snake, and they are probably not going to breed with your egyptians. The easy thing to do would be get a nice pair of corns, or another egyptian rat. Duffy

:::Now that I'm even more confused, what would work?? What could the Egyptian Diadem Rats breed to in the corn family? What should I look for?

:::Thanks for all your comments guys! :)

::::...Like I said, you could breed a corn to many of the NORTH AMERICAN ratsnakes. If you were so inclined. Duffy


:::::I'm unsure of the classification of Egyptian rats, but they are an Old World species (probably genus Elaphe or genus Spalerosophis).

:::::Corn snakes are New World animals (Pantherophis guttata), and their most closely related rat snake relatives are Pantherophis emoryi and Pantherophis obsoleta ssp.

:::::Pantherophis and Elaphe (and Spalerosophis) are incompatible. It is because of their incompatibility that the genus of the New World rat snakes has been renamed, and IMO that renaming is far past due. Two of the genera that are compatible with Pantherhophis include Pituophis and Lampropeltis.


::::::I have a pair of egyptian rats and I thought I'd pick up a pretty corn female to see if he likes her...I had heard that corns and rats can mate but then I heard that specifically egyptian rats wouldn't mate with corns. I'm terribly confused by this.





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