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Kenshin, the black rat snake

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Posted by duffy on April 30, 2003 at 16:24:37:

In Reply to: Kenshin, the black rat snake posted by tigress on April 30, 2003 at 11:24:43:

How long have you had Kenshin, and how old is he? Being able to pick him up and hold him without him trying to bite is probably a very reasonable goal. As for the gloves: There was a brief period when I used gloves with my Texas Rat. Since she always calmed down within half a minute or so (after her initial attempt to maul me!), I would pick her up with one gloved hand, transfer her to my ungloved hand as soon as she calmed down, take the glove off my other hand (using my mouth or even my foot!) and proceed to handle her, ungloved, for a period of time. This was just a few short months ago, and now she never bites me, although she sometimes opens her mouth like she's going to...and I always seem to EXPECT her to strike??!
My Black Rats, on the other hand (one albino and one normal colored) are calm as calm can be. If they were any easier to handle, they would be toys. They don't strike, don't try to run or get away. My normal one will grab onto something in his cage if he can, and if he gets a good enough hold, I just let him "win" rather that have a big tug of war.
Good luck with Kenshin. I bet he will be much easier to handle by later this year. Keep us posted. Duffy

:I think my black rat is already starting to get used to me. I also think he's a helluva lot smarter than my mexican black kingsnake (it seems he's figured out that to first escape he must not be in a position that I cagrab ta him, he tends to make his breaks for it when he no longer is in a grabable position. It's kind of annoying really). Then again, I've always said my kingsnake is dumb even for a snake. Seriously, he's a total dumbass.

:Though I have yet to see if Kenshin knows to eat head first... he does not like to b e watched when eating (Kingsnake eats usually tail end, I've seen him evne sniff the front end and eventually go tail end. Though I think he might be finally figuring out head first might be better). First time he grabbed the mice and quickly took them in his hidebox (I was moving them outside it to tempt him as at that point I didn't even know if he ate frozen or not), the second time he waited til we were gone and not watching him (yay, he has no problem with prekilled mice even when not moving). He's a quick little eater though. The first
:time he stuck his head out like 1 minute after he dragged the first mouse in and grabbed the second one in. I didn't even think he ate it it was so quick when he put his head out again. I checked a little bit later and both mice were gone. So either he is a quick eater, or he grabbed them, dropped them, and ate them a little later. I think it is the first.

:But, I can move quicker with him and he doesn't freak (not quickly, butsmooth, somewhat moderate speeds. Before I had to be snail speed or he freaked). And for two days I haven't had him try to bite me, either being picked up, or when he tries to make a break for it and I have to try and stop him. Though at least once today he almost tried to bite then decided not to.

:I still don't trust him but now I'm trying to think of ways to get him to smell me rather than the gloves. At some ponit I'm going to have to brave picking him up without gloves. But first I think I'll build my confidence with gloves (today wast he first day I held him and I didn't feel kinda freaked out myself. I felt a little more in control and a little more that he was allowing me to handle him more and not go instantly run run bite bite let go of me now!).

:I'm hoping eventually one day he'll be as handable as my kingsnake. I suppose being as handable as my kingsnake is a bit much to ask but I'd like to be able to handle him without worrying about being bit as long as I'm not too stupid. Though it would be great if he gets to the point of being as handable as my kingsnake (who I think has had enough of being handled of late. Me constantly checking him cause me worrying about him, taking him to some meeting so I could get some advice on him... I think the poor thing is a bit frazzled at this point. He much prefers to be left alone).


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