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I vote for inside the couch. . . .>

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Posted by terryp on April 28, 2003 at 22:06:46:

In Reply to: Lost albino beauty snake.... posted by Kestrel on April 28, 2003 at 20:48:38:

As soon as it got in the couch it stayed in it. We would think to keep running and go outside. The snake only goes as far as shelter. Looking in the couch even with a flashlight probably won't tell you if it's there. Snakes are experts at hiding. It's been one of their defenses for millions of years. Banging on the couch will not make it come out. It just makes it go deeper in some little crack or slit. It's actually pretty comfortable in there right now. That beauty could roll up inside a film container if that was the only shelter. You can wait for it to come out some day and hopefully you're around or tear the couch into tiny pieces one at a time. Sorry to hear it Kestrel. I hope you find it. If it leaves the couch my guess is it will go upward.

:It could of easily of gone straight down through the couch and out through the front. The lining of this couch is totally cut apart.. heh. The bottom liner of it has been cut open from left to right, so it could of slipped right out the front down there and away somewhere. I'll look through the couch again, but I doubt i'll find it there.. I looked VERY thoroughly, and banged on the frame for a good while, in hope of scaring it from wherever it was hiding..

::Kes. Calm down. You need to think. It's probably still in the couch. Don't give up, yet. Ratsnakes are amazing at hiding. I'd keep an eye on the couch and keep going over it every so often. ASAMOF, I'd probably rip the thing apart into gradually smaller and smaller pieces until I found the little treasure. It couldn't have gone through the couch and hidden somewhere else while you were looking for it, could it? Hey, good luck. It hurts me to hear it. Can't hardly imagine how you feel (I did lose a moellendorffi once when I left a cage unlocked, though.) Later, TC.


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