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Posted by terryp on April 20, 2003 at 22:41:53:

In Reply to: Lets get a convo started.. Question to all forum members.. posted by Kestrel on April 20, 2003 at 21:09:43:

The snake that started me in this hobby and was the snake I just had to get was a hypomelanistic bullsnake my coworker at the time and my partner now brought into work one day. Del Alspaw would bring in a snake to work every once in a while, but when he brought in that 5 foot hypo bullsnake, I said get me one Del. I got 4 snakes before the 5th one was a hypo bullsnake. LOL. Most of them were Pituophis. I acquired kingsnakes, bullsnakes, hognoses, rat snakes, corns, but no pythons or boas(except a white water rosy boa). After about 2 years, the focus of my collection was leaning towards rat snakes. My coworker, Del Alspaw and myself were spending an afternoon having a couple (several) martini's and we started a partnership and established Kern Reptile Research Center. We made a decision that Del Alspaw would focus and work with Pituophis and I would do the same with Elaphe, with rat snakes being the main species. I did keep a pair of Cape Gophers at the time and I've been able to sneak a male white sided bullsnake and a female hypomelanistic bullsnake from 2 different clutches from Del's breeders (Del keeps saying things like I owe him money or something like that). The capes went to Del's about a month ago and I think he put them together over a week ago. I have a pair of Spilotes that are at the top of my list to want to work with more. The first male I got in a trade never ate and went down hill from the start and didn't make it. If I get my pair to breed and I produce a baby, then I'll look into establishing a project. If you'd like to know and see some of our collection, we have a web site at BTW - Del was quite the hot keeper before our partnership days. Just a note, I've seen Del work with venomous, feed, move them to clean a cage, etc. He's done it hundreds of times over the years. Several years ago he got envenomated by one of his rattlers He spent 6 days in the hospital. Three days I think for the venom and 3 more for the allergic reaction to the 30 vials of antivenom.

:I realize that this is a ratsnake forum, but who else here has passions for other species? Lately Asian elaphe and cornsnakes have completely taken my interest, more-so then in the past, but I also keep some other animals that I love. My scrub python for instance. Scrub pythons are GREAT animals to work with. And all other morelia really. They were what got me into seriously maintaining a large collection. My first snake other then garters and corns was a tiny hatchling Irian Jaya carpet(who is till have). I've been slowly selling off my extras to get my collection back down to a maintainable size, but still have my most loved pets and some of the things i'm most interested.. Given I personally am in the hobby for my true love of reptiles as pets, not so much as to breed for money. All my herps are really pets and nothing more... I also personally plan on getting into a few hot species in the future. Its too bad they're illegal in the county i currently reside in... So what all does everyone here keep other then ratsnakes?

:Currently I have..
:1.0 Cave beauty
:1.2 Taiwan beauties
:0.0.1 Chinese beauty
:1.0 Blue beauty
:2.3 Cornsnakes
:1.0 Reticulated Python
:1.0 Albino Burmese Python
:1.0 Southern Scrub Python
:1.0 Irian Jaya Carpet Python
:0.1 Jungle carpet Python
:1.0 Macklots Python
:1.0 Redtail Boa
:0.0.1 Nile Monitor
:3.5 Leopard Geckos

:AND.. On the way Are..
:0.1 T+ albino and 2.1 het albino Chinese Beauty yearlings ;)

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