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Posted by alex on March 20, 2003 at 13:35:10:

In Reply to: Vietnamese Blue sensing cornsnake pheromones?? posted by krisg on March 20, 2003 at 12:44:29:

I haven't had any of my asian rats get to breeding age yet, so I haven't seen them go nuts over n.a. rats yet.

But, I did have a male hognose who was absolutely in love with a male corn snake of mine. Courted him like crazy whenever he got near to my poor corn. So evidently, there are pheromonal signals from snakes that get misinterpreted across the species borders :)


:My male Vietnamese Blue Beauty has recently started refusing food. He's always been a bit shy, as are ALL the Asian rats I keep, but never before, unless he's been shedding, has he ever adamantly refused a meal. The thing is, I have a female blue that I keep right next to him, they share an aqurium with a partition down the middle, and I have some ovulating corns in the same room. My question is, has anyone ever known male blues to go off feed during the breeding season? And also, is it possible the pheromones from the cornsnakes are what's affecting him? It's just that I can't imagine it's the female blue, as she's not quite ready to breed yet, only being *almost* 6ft long. I was planning on waiting until next year for her...
:Any opinions on this are welcome and appreciated,
:in Mtl.

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