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Thanks Terry, one female was 34 inches going in to...

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Posted by gofer on March 13, 2003 at 12:25:10:

In Reply to: Hi Gregg. Female Bairdi are usually larger than . . .> posted by terryp on March 12, 2003 at 11:05:55:

hibernation, and the other het female is almost identical in size and girth. They are eating hoppers/small mice now, and getting ready to shed. I will try to measure them then and if they are close to 3 feet then i will attempt to breed them. If you feel 30 inches is fairly safe then 36 inches will be great. Thanks again for the insight, and hopefully i can give you any needed notes in a year or two when your ready to breed bairdi. Have a good weekend, it's warming up and raining here in PA so i plan on doing a little herping.
Gregg F

:the males as adults. I personally wait till my snake's 3rd year to start breeding, although snakes can reach sexual maturity as early as 18 months. Look at the adult sizes listed in the secification sheets for an indication of how large the snakes should be for breeding. Adult bairdi are between 25 and 55 inches with some approaching 6 feet. I would say 30 inches on a female bairdi is a safe size to start breeding. I would think a male bairdi that's 2 years old and in good health is breedable. I should clarify that I haven't bred any bairdi. The season after this one will be my first attempt to breed bairdi.

::Thanks Terry, both hets are in blue now and still a little small in my opinion. but i'm used to corns and pits, so maybe it's just me. What do you feel is a safe size for breeding female and male bairdi? I know that possibly hypo is big enough, she is huge, much bigger than my 3 year old corn. But the two het for albino females are on teh smaller side yet. Thanks for teh advice, greatly appreciated.
::Have a good day, and keep me updated on your breedings!
::Gregg F.

:::eaten a small meal and seem active. I really don't wait for a female shed. If she goes into blue eye then I stop introducing until after the shed. I took my snakes out a week and a half ago and I'm starting to introduce the females to males. If you are going to wait 8 weeks, then you're taking them out too early or cycling them too early. IMHO. Bairds breed late May or early June in the wild. If you're not going to breed yours until then, I'd leave them down. If you've taken them out. I'd start putting the female in with the male a day after she eats unless she's in blue eye. I keep introducing the females until mid summer or longer. I do that with all my snakes that I'm going to breed.

::::I have two opinions on that. One is to introduce them after this first shed, just like with corns. And the other advice was to wait at least 8 weeks, or the second shed? Any advice?
::::Thanks again, and i'll post pics if i get some babies!
::::Have a good weekend,
::::Gregg F.

:::::for the bairdi and capes. Good luck this year Gregg. I want to see some babies.

::::::enough for you to breed in two years. I am planning on breeding mine this year, first time for my breeding of bairdi.
::::::Post some pics soon, and have a good day.
::::::Gregg F.

:::::::I am really excited about these guys! Though they are A LOT smaller than my Adam Block pair, I'm hoping they'll be ready in 2 years or so. Just for the record, they look and act like my other Bairds, although I am certainly no pro on Bairds (only been working with them for a few months). Anyway, as I've said before, I trust the breeder and believe them to be 100% Bairdi.

:::::::Sorry, no pics right now. I'll post some soon. Thanks,





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