Re: Buttermilk clutch at Glades

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Posted by Patrick Alexander on July 20, 2000 at 23:42:19:

In Reply to: Buttermilk clutch at Glades posted by Jarrod on July 19, 2000 at 15:05:19:

: Talked to Rob at Glades today, so far 4 of the buttermilks have hatched, all with Kinked Backs..........That leave 4 good eggs still in his incubator...........He seems to think they willk come out kinked also. What causes this to happen? BTW, that whole clutch was laid by a female in the bag she was sent to him in. Most went bad quick, he was down to 9 last week, now, like i said, he is down to 4.............

All the books I've seen say that kinked spines are caused by overly high temperatures causing the forming vertebra to fuse together... I had this happen to me with glossy snakes a couple years back, my temperature control wasn't that good and I think it got a bit hot a couple times in the first couple weeks, and three of the hatchlings came out with kinked tails. The higher temps also cause the eggs to develop faster, which means that, hopefully, the ones that are taking longer to hatch weren't as warm and might not have any kinks...

Patrick Alexander

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