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Perhaps all captives are powerfed

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Posted by Chris Carmichael on May 13, 2003 at 08:49:08:

In Reply to: The Results of Power Feeding.... posted by hoodedserpant on May 12, 2003 at 17:12:42:

In essence I believe most people "power" feed their captive snakes if you compare the rate of prey intake between captives and individuals from natural populations. I can just about guarantee that if you are feeding your snakes (pythons, as this would not likely apply to many colubrids such as Thamnophis) once a week, or even once every two weeks, or perhaps even once every three, four, five or six weeks, you are likely expediting the feeding intake interval as compared to snakes found in natural populations. Power feeding is also dependent upon the species, as a power feeding regime for one species may not be power feeding for another. Also, since snakes are ectothermic, any food that has not been used for maintenance purposes (metabolism, behavior, predator avoidance, etc.) will go into growth and reproduction. This is the surplus energy reserves, and since cells have a propensity to convert materials into fat (more calories per gram as compared to proteins/carbs), this represents stored energy reserves that can go directly into growth and reproduction (gamete production, etc.), the ultimate "geared" goal of life for these animals. I am not a big fan of what people call power feeding regimes, and I typically use a perhaps less frequent feeding interval that I feel promotes optimal digestion/defecation/assimilation/growth/reproductions, but is still likely much more frequent than what they actually need. Gamete production would obviously be much higher in a typically well fed snake with excess energy stores (in most cases). As for the rather derogatory post below (McSomething), it appears that people on this forum (myself included)have had too long a winters nap, and ought to get outside and get some fresh air, go herp'in, clear the mind, chill out, take a deep breath, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, inhale, exhale, hey that's it, and enjoy the natural beauty around you. We are indeed entitled to our opinions, but maybe we all can watch how we phrase things (again, pointed fingers going right at the author of this one) and avoid statements that are personal, and instead keep to disagreements about the actual issues (I don't think opinions about hating "fat" people as stated below is necessary....this is a herp forum!). Cheers!

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