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From what I understand Yasser only has one female and

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Posted by BrianSmith on May 06, 2003 at 17:12:49:

In Reply to: Yes, but I'd rather not go into the details n/p posted by Tim Schroeder on May 06, 2003 at 09:38:30:

still has her. Were there others? If so I would love to hear the details on them. How many females and how many males?

:::My post was kind of sarcastic, and I knew it would be understood as such my my fellow morelia addicts. Should have made clearer the implications regarding successfully breeding those animals. The only carinata in captivity are in the collection of one keeper in australia. He spent many weeks searching their habitat to find his very small breeding group. Have you seen the Marc O'Shea tv documentary of the search? He did successfully breed them, but I can guarantee they won't be legally exportable from Australia for quite some time, if ever. Tracyae have been kept by the most capable breeders out there, and have yet to be bred. I doubt Nick Mutton, Tracy Barker, or Yasser are willing to let go of the only females in captivity. You could always go to Indonesia to collect them yourself, but there isn't a whole lot of civil stability in that area of Indonesia so it isn't recommended. Even if you or I were to get more tracyae imported into the states, breeding them is an incredible longshot as we really don't know what their habitat(caves) is like.

:::I'm personally looking to collect some tracyae myself, and place data collection systems in the caves to better learn what their habitat is like. Breeding would still be a longshot, if I were to stay out of trouble in the Halmaheran islands and return unharmed :).


::::....put your name and email in a future contact list. Can you email me at and I'll stick you in one for these snakes. Also, any information you can give me on these would be appreciated. Then it's just a matter of time and luck. Thanks.

:::::tracyae or carinata, let me know :)


::::::Great thanks to each of you that have taken the time to post your favorite pythons and to directly contribute a WEALTH of valueable data and information. This treasure trove of herper opinion will certainly help me to better decide which pythons to invest my time and energies into in the very near future. I read all that you said Yasser about the halmahera and like-species and I agree that these should be focused on. Perhaps we should discuss possible projects in greater detail in the days to come.
:::::: Again, to all of you that have posted and to those that will post after this, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your imput. It really makes my decisions SO much easier. And hopefully this can help other breeders too. If anyone wants a breakdown of how this survey/study came out just email me and I should have something completed in a few short days. Hopefully I can get much more data by then too.


:::::::Hello fellow forum members. I am currently running a market research study (of sorts) in the retic forum and the burm forum, trying to get a better idea on which morphs or species are more popular, favored or desired in an attempt to try to better balance the future market by not breeding what isn't in demand,.. and by breeding more of what IS. Now I would like to do this same study here on all the rest of the python species. There are really too many to list so I'll try to make this simple and ask you one easy question: If you could have any 10 pythons in the world,.... what would they be,... and why? It doesn't matter what species, what morph, or how much they cost. Any 10 pythons,... what are they? (if you have a burm or retic related snake please post it in those forums, thanks)

:::::::Here are mine:

:::::::1. Diamond python. Because they are beautiful and a challenge to breed.
:::::::2. Black headed python. I have a new interest in breeding these.
:::::::3. Woma. I have recently been drawn to the orange phase.
:::::::4. Barneck scrub. I have a recent interest in breeding all Australian species.
:::::::5. Macklots python.
:::::::6. Olive python. Beautiful snakes.
:::::::7. Lesser Rock python. (Natalensis) I want a different rock.
:::::::8. Water python.
:::::::9. Papuan python. }because I just want them.
:::::::10. Savu python.







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