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Re: LEGAL OR NOT? pine snakes, etc

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Posted by Robert Sposato on April 02, 2001 at 09:46:42:

In Reply to: Re: LEGAL OR NOT? pine snakes, etc posted by A.C. on April 02, 2001 at 01:39:03:

: Robert,

: Thanks for the information. Where can I find the new regulations? I went on the NJ webpage and there was nothing about anacondas.

: Who makes up these regulations? I study environmental science at Stockton College and have heard nothing of these legislations. I believe it's unfair that we cannot own certain animals in NJ. I definately consider moving to PA- a herper's dream because of this. To restrict all crocadillians (including smaller species like cuban crocs, freshies, dwarf caimans, smooth fronts, etc)seems bogus and communist. NJ has a rep among other states as being way too "anal retentive" when it comes to exotics.

: hey- are box turtles and terrapins still legal?

First let me say you can go to our web site and find all the information you need. We are the only place in the New Jersey (or the world for that matter) that you can go and find all the NJ regulations on the keeping of exotics (reptiles and amphibians) on line. The anaconda banning (thought still not being enforced) is listed but not explained in detail on our permits page. No one from NJ has yet to fully explain the Ban but as a society, support the ban on this large constrictor due to it's specialized keeping requirements and the fact that most people keeping a green Anaconda don't keep it properly.

I do understand how you feel about NJ laws regarding exotics but I'm here to tell you NJ isn't as bad as it seems. Other states have just as ridiculous laws or even worse. Last year or so, NYC passed a law banning ALL constrictors in the city limits. ALL constrictors? That bans almost all snakes. Any snakes that so much throws a loop around prey to hold it was out of bounds. It was another example of educated people making uneducated and uninformed decisions based on irrational fears (they also banned Komodo Dragons, Polar Bears and Elephants, but we wont go into that). We'll 2 members of the NYHS (New York Herp Society) met with the city council and gave them the information they needed to make the right choices as to which herps to ban and which to not. Yes, they advocated banning several species BUT they picked and choose their battles and banned animals that even the members of the society felt were not worth fighting for. If they would have fought for the whole thing to be undone (no ban on anything) they would have lost and you wouldn't have even be able to keep kingsnakes in NYC. But, they made concessions and are still able to enjoy their hobby even if some herpers can't legally have/own a few of the species they want. Any way, as far as the turtles go. You can't purchase the turtles in the state but can buy then out of state and bring them in with a receipt and a health record if available.
Hope this helped and please think about joining the society (while you still in New Jersey) Take care!

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