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*LoL* Welcome to NJ.

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Posted by Danny Mendez on May 18, 2002 at 21:28:22:

In Reply to: Please don't flame me if this ends up sounding stupid, but.. posted by Tammy on May 17, 2002 at 20:51:35:

: I recently moved to New Jersey, and found out by accident during a pet store visit that I'm supposed to register my bearded dragons with the state. None of the other states I've lived in have required reptile registration, and given all the misinformed hoopla not that long ago about salmonella, etc., I'm hesitant to give some nutbar in a position of authority who might go on some absurd tear someday the knowledge needed for someone to come try to confiscate my dragons. Bearded dragons are all I keep, but I do breed occasionally just as a hobby. I guess the first question I have for anyone willing to answer is why I should register my dragons and then worry all the time from then on about some goof showing up at the door wanting to take them.

I don't think this will happen anytime soon. Firstly, don't worry. Bearded dragons are extremely popular pets and there are thousands of them in the State of NJ, many which are indeed kept on permit. No one will be showing up at your house anytime soon especially if you do get a hobbyist permit. Let's say going forward, Beardies become "illegal" in the state of NJ. You will most likely be grandfathered as long as you have and have had them on permit. Green Anacondas were recently put on the "potentially dangerous" list which requires a VERY difficult permit to acquire. As long as they were on permit prior to the effective date, they can be legally posessed via grandfathering.

Am I confusing you yet?

What it boils down to is that you should indeed register your animals without any fear of anyone harassing you about them. If there is ever an iincident with the animal (say it gets loose on you in July) you will most likely be fine as long as it is indeed registered.

All you need to do is call NJ Fish & Wildlife and ask for a Hobbyist exotic permit. It costs 10 bucks a year and must be renewed every year. You can list multiple animals on your permit, all covered by the 10 bucks.
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, and freely admit that I'm probably missing something important in this whole situation, but that's why I'm hopefully someone can explain the system and need for it to me so I can be "legal" but not worry that I'm setting myself up.

: Secondly, I would very much love to join and support the NJHS, and would appreciate info on how to do so, but also would like to know if I can join if I choose not to register my pets with the state?

You are perfectly welcome to join NJHS regardless of your decision, however, NJHS encourages all of its members to comply with NJ regulation. For an individual membership it's 20.00 a year, additional family members are 10.00 A supporting membership is $50.00 and a lifetime membership is 150.00

You can send your check or MO made payable to NJHS at PO Box 453, Howell, NJ 07731-0453 and you will immediately be sent a copy of our newsletter with all meeting and event schedules. We have plenty of other Beardie owners and breeders in the society.

If you have any questions you can contact me at the above email.


Danny Mendez

: Thanks, and again, I'm not trying to be an idiot or a trouble-maker. This is just all new to me and I would like to hear from people who really know what it's all about.

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