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Re: uniformed NJHS

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Posted by Danny on October 31, 2001 at 13:43:21:

In Reply to: uniformed NJHS posted by bill paretti on October 28, 2001 at 21:48:53:

: it is about time someone spoke up about the misinformed. the person who is the pres. of the njhs., says it illegal to own certain animals in nj and he is flat out wrong. example: on many occasions he has said you can not own northern pine snakes in nj. he could not be more wrong, i own many northern pine snakes and i have a basic permit,pine snakes are on the threatened list not the endangered list. nj fish and wildlife will tell you this and they are very helpful.

You're right, Northern Pines are on the threatened list, not endangered, and your correct that you can indeed own one in NJ with evidence that it was purchased out of state. You're also right in that NJ fish and Wildlife is very helpful
with regards to answering questions however I think that you are incredibly wrong about Bob Sposato being "uninformed". If you call the NJF&W office in Trenton and ask them it's quite probably that you'll get one answer...then if you call the Clinton office, you'll most likely get another completely different answer (all this based on ACTUAL phone calls regarding the legality of aformentioned species). The problem is that hobbyists are getting mixed signals at the source. This is due to the current state of our NJF&W office which is grossly understaffed and in some cases misinformed. Speaking of which, if you back up to one of the previous posts on this forum which states that normal cornsnakes are legal in NJ, forget about it. You're grossly misinformed. You cannot LEGALLY own a normal, wild type cornsnake in NJ without an endangered species permit. In most cases, as a private hobbyist you'll have a better chance of spontaneously generating an albino T-Rex from a pair of leopard geckos.

the person who runs the njhs should resign. i am tried of people in these positions and they do not take the time to know things they are suppose to know and they charge you to belong to their societies and they do not know what they are talking about.

Bill, have you ever been to a NJHS meeting? Just curious. If not maybe you should start going...I would love to hear what you can do to better OUR ONLY herp society, hell, election are coming up next year...maybe you can run for president? If you think that Bob is so wrong then why don't you discuss the issue instead of bashing him personally? It's this type of stratification that our hobby in an already restrictive state DOESN'T NEED. Herpers in NJ need to band together to tackle issues.

I'm not really familiar with who you are but if you are not a member of the herp society and do not contribute how can you stand there and ridecule the president? Until you've walked a mile in his shoes then I don't know if it's a good idea to knock the founder of the only thing Nj herpers have working FOR them.

Please be our guest at the next herp society have my personal invitation as a fellow member.

Danny Mendez

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