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yeah, here are my thoughts.....long

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Posted by BILLY on March 18, 2003 at 02:13:55:

In Reply to: another story posted by rtdunham on March 17, 2003 at 08:06:04:

I agree with everyone here. Go get a cup of coffee for this one....make mine with just cream...he he!

The whole hybrid thing really irriates me. Not from a viewpoint of what beauty is to us, in relation to whether or not hybrids are " pretty " or not. Some of them very much are.

When the real pure morphs come, like what you guys were talking about with the anerythistic sinaloans, it sort of ruins it. Many may be suspicious. The trust may not be there, thus the intended sales of these hybrids may not be either, in this example.

I do understand the excitement of seeing the unknown with breeding two things that are quite different to view the outcome. Thing is, think about the horrible results of the future for snake breeding with this trend of hybrids. What can be certain? Even though the hybrid producers that label and present everything correctly and honestly should be commended, not everyone will be the same way. That will lead to pain in this hobby. Having to deal with a breeding that produces something completely different cause both snakes, that were SUPPOSED to be pure, were not and misrepresented. Then dealing with the hatchlings that are mutts. Some people try to find homes. Some freeze them. While some of these poor snakes may find loving homes, the situation will not be the same for every snake. This just plain flat out sucks!!!!!

And think about this. If there were no PURE snakes to begin with, then hybrids would not exist. See how the hypocrisy reigns, not from the actual attitudes of those that breed hybrids, but the actual action. Purity was the starting point.

This has always disturbed me. To breed hybrids, I have read how the snakes are " tricked" into breeding with each other. That fact alone raises a red flag with me. Think about it. Tricked into having sex. Real respectful, isn't it?

Here is what I find funny. I hear of people arguing that kings do cross with corns in the wild, or rats with pines, etc. Did we forget a chief characteristic of lampropeltis? They like to EAT other snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! If a king comes across a corn in the wild, it sure won't be thinking of breeding with it, but making a happy meal out of it!!!! Come on people, get serious!!!!!

I am very much into pituophis. 13 snakes out of my 24 are pits. I am very much into my hobby. I give my snakes great homes and loving attention. The majority of pit owners, if not all, can pretty much agree on that purity of our snakes is a must. It is of uttermost importance. Reason being, we love these snakes so much, so why would be want one that is not 100% what it is supposed to be or be lied to about one's origins?

When I was on the search for a killer, black and white New Jersey Pine Barrens locale Northern pine, that is exactly what I wanted. AND, thanks to a killer breeder, John Meltzer from Minnesota, who very much is into locale and purity, I have an amazing male northern pine. I got him in Daytona in 2001. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that what I have is pure, 100% freaking Northern pine. AND THAT, to me, makes all the difference in the world. I bought him for $30 and felt like I was on top of the world. He is an amazing snake and pet, and the beauty of his purity is something I am able to gaze upon every day.

My point is this. If John Meltzer wasn't so concerned about purity, I may not have this killer northern pine and my hobby may not be as enjoyable as it is with this snake in it.

I do have one hybrid pine. She was given to me cause the previous owner ended up with some babies that were not pure cause he was lied to about her origins and her purity and did not find out until after he bred her. This friend of mine, like Meltzer, cared enough about purity in this hobby and stopped breeding her. I, knowing that she wasn't pure, even though she looked pretty much %100 pure, took her and have given her a loving home. My part of the deal was never to breed her, and I never will. Why? Cause I care about pure snakes in this hobby and will never take part in the reproduction of hybrids.

Thanks for reading this! Here's your coffee cup back!


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